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RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch

Lovely pictures @GeminiJen

Essex UK

Yes, I’ve notice a decline in those too.
…partly I fear because of the size of the local cat population…and the appetite of a voracious sparrowhawk.
Still, my resident robin remains active….along with a younger version.


coolonespa wrote:

Nice picture @yorkshirecat

I thought so, too – very colourful!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Nice picture @yorkshirecat

Essex UK

Try them with coffee beans too, discovered this one all by myself after a happenstance scattering on the garden, they were gone in seconds ! I think birds, like people, do enjoy a caffeine fix.

Also discovered that they won’t even touch Kellogg’s corn flakes…hmmmmmm…..

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I live in rural South Yorkshire surrounded by farmland and I’m quite worried that so far this winter I haven’t yet seen any siskin, red poll, brambling and yellowhammer visiting my feeders. Has anyone else noticed a decline in these birds this year?

I have plenty of the usual suspects – all types of tits & finches as well as blackbirds, robins, magpies, jays, dunnock and a huge colony of tree sparrows as well as a family of pheasants! And I set out my bird cafe with all the food they love. I really miss my bramblings:

@GeminiJen good chart that but don’t forget the dough balls !

Different species like different foods so, as a rule of thumb, the more varieties of food you put out the greater the number of species you will attract. Did you know, for example, that Robins love mealworms, Goldfinches adore Nyjer Seed and Blue Tits have a passion for Sunflower Hearts? Generally, birds will go for the food that offers them the best source of energy, so the higher the calories the better as far as birds are concerned.

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How true!
This morning, I looked out of my bedroom window ….My garden backs on to fields…and there were between 120 and 150 crows there. One hour later, none.
And, for last year’s RSPB watch, it rained solidly for the weekend. All I glimpsed were a few bedraggled sparrows and a couple of pigeons.
…Hey ho….


My garden is generally full of birds. But when the RSPB count comes around they nearly all hide!

Bishop Auckland
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