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Climate Change

Sheffield University are pioneering a revolutionary solution to refugee farmers in Syria, blighted by conditions of poor soil for their crops, used foam bed mattresses are being used as bedding material (pun intended) and the operation is proving to be a success,with 2,000 discarded bed mattresses at their disposal. Many plants will thrive without common soil and can be grown in mediums such as rotting newspapers to establish root networks, the bulk of their nutrition being provided by the sun.

Such is the excitement at Sheffield that they intend to promote this project globally as one possible contribution in slowing global warming by introducing the method to all countries including UK.


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This bit is the most interesting for me “The real question is why is she in Canada with 1.6% of global emissions green house gases and not in the US with more than 15% of global emissions of green house gases?” or China or India?

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Found this on the internet and thought it was interesting. Obviously make your own mind up but has certainly made me think, not about climate change but of the motives of Greta Thunberg. I see she has written several books in several languages, not bad for a 17 year old.


That is their plan to bring it forward to 2035. Question, what will they do with the nearly 40 million cars that are currently on our roads the majority with life expectancies beyond 2035.
I am still waiting to hear a government announcement regarding the investment and building of the 6 new power stations and how they are going to be fuelled to meet the demand for electricity and the upgrading of infrastructure to carry the electricity supplies but I wont hold my breath.


The announcement I saw said they were bringing it back to 2035 & including hybrids in the ban. That was subject to the famous words “which will be subject to a consultation”


Making your concerns even more urgent/valid.

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Good to see the announcement that all vehicles will be electric by 2040. I understand that to run those cars at least 6 new power stations will be required. No one has said what method will be used to power these stations and indeed no one has mentioned anything about building them!! The other question is how the government of the day will manage without the amount they get in fuel duty at present without increasing the cost of electricity to people including the elderly who do not have cars!!


Entertaining video

Its a shame these good news stories don’t hit the headlines alongside the doom & gloom ones e.g. “According to the most recent figures from the Forest and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nation (FAO), between 2005 and 2015, European forests grew by more than 44,000 km2 – an area bigger than Switzerland – this amounts to over 1,500 football pitches of forest growth every day! Today, European forests stand 30% larger in area than they did in the 1950s.”

Meanwhile Ryanair have had their “knuckles rapped” over low emissions claims


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Positive link here from the paper industry which is actively helping the ecology, includes marvellous animated video from a world of paper people, buildings, trees and birds:


1,500 football pitches of forest planted per day.

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“Petrol and diesel car sales ban brought forward to 2035”


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