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Dark Skies over the North York Moors

Whenever I’m away from home I notice the darker skies on clear nights, and love to see the dust-spangled deep blue sky full of stars and constellations I usually only see in books. A walk under such a sky is always a holiday treat.

“Dark Skies over the North York Moors” sounds like a wonderful title for a book @GeminiJen . I wonder whether it would be a sad, dark story of love and loss or, more likely, a psychological thriller &/or murder whodunnit? I feel you have either within your capabilities, and if you get it written in time I’ll nominate it for our Favourite 100 Books.

Thanks for that @GeminiJen wish I lived closer.


The North York Moors is one of the best places to view dark skies due to low light pollution levels.
If you’re there on December 14, you may be lucky enough to see the annual Geminids meteor shower.
Although there will be a waning full moon on this night, you should still be able to make out constellations and view shooting stars.
It’s also magical walking by moonlight.

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