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Armchair traveling

ESW wrote:

a fascinating film about Chenobyl

I’m with you @ESW , definitely one to watch from a great distance. And I can’t imagine ever wanting to go too close. I remember way back when we had to pray the fallout would be limited, and avoid drinking milk because the grass the cows ate would convey the radioactive pollution into the milk.

Further to ESW’s mention of U3A, my wife and I belong to a group in our local U3A which is actually called “Armchair Travel”.

At our monthly meetings, a member gives a talk about somewhere they’ve visited on holiday, accompanied by a slideshow of their photos. This is a great way to discover new places, possibilities for future travels, hear first-hand tips – or even the converse, if the places don’t hold any attraction! And all from the comfort of our local village hall!

In theory, following U3A tradition, each member should take a turn at giving a talk, but as so many people are keen to do this, it was 2 years after I joined before I could be squeezed in! It seems to be a case of putting your name down a long way in advance, and go on an interesting trip before that date!

One of the other series I’ve really enjoyed from my armchair is the travels of Timothy West & Prunella Scales. Started out with UK canals but expanded to some magnificent journeys in other parts of the world.


Essex UK

I belong to the Scunthorpe U3A photographic Group and last meeting we watched a fascinating film about Chenobyl…. Actually the purpose was to put a new camera through its paces and tell us how wonderful it was. Once I learned how much the camera cost, I ignored the camera bits and just concentrated on the photography.

I hadn’t realiused Chenobyl was now a ‘tourist attraction’. Visitors are given a geiger counter as they enter. Air readings are very low but it gets quite excited when it is placed on the ground. There were pictures of the reactor that exploded and is now encased in concrete. The trip also included a visit to the town which is still derelict. This was a substantial place of typical soviet style architecture. It even had a fair ground with dodgems still there and just waiting for pubnters!

I thoroughly enjoyed my armchair visit, but it isn’t on my bucket list…


Coolonespa , I agree with you, there are some excellent programs on TV, I watch both Simon Reeve and David Attenborough , both are fascinating people. Fossil it also saves hanging around Airports!

Welcome @angie95

As well as books there are many fantastic TV series that “take you there” The recent Americas by Simon Reeve was very good, whilst the latest David Attenborough offering is amazing.

Essex UK

angie95 wrote:

I am an arm chair traveler

Hello @angie95
I’d guess you’re one of many thousands of armchair travellers who log on to this site “for the craic”, as there are many many more “views” than “replies” for each thread. I really hope some of your fellow armchair travellers will join you on this thread. Maybe you can share the views out of the “windows”?

Thats a good way to put it @angie95


Sometimes this is the best way to travel, no luggage, no expense, perfect and you can always rely on the weather!

Hello @angie95 and welcome to the forum. Yes, I like to read about places that I will never visit and build up a picture of them in my mind.

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