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The Spanish system is that it is assumed you donate, unless you specifically carry a card to opt out which, personally,
I think is a better idea, as it takes pressure off relatives at a difficult time. But they do provide Donor Cards for
non-Spanish, so we both carry our cards with us at all times.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

@CScholl – am also delighted to hear your kidney transplant has changed your life.

When my husband died we donated every possible organ and it’s still a huge comfort to know that we were able to make such a difference to other families even when things were so grim for us.

I’m super pleased to hear that your kidney transplant went well @CSholl and you’re looking forward to your travels.

Essex UK

Mine is about packing I always do the packing for me and my husband but not sure about other travellers I always pack to much I always bring back clothes I haven’t worn which is silly really I am sure we could take one suit case if we both cut down on clothing .
also I take gas hair tongs I never know if I should pack them with the gas in the curler or gas out of the curler I have had conflicting advice over the years I tend to leave the gas in now I am sure someone will advice me if I am wrong . Also this will be the first year going to Florida to my brothers that I will be able to swim after being on Diayalis for Seven years I have now had a kidney transplant six months ago it will be nearly a year before we travel to the USA things with the Kidney are going well (not wanting to jinks it) but I am really looking forward to the freedom of travel with out all the equipment we use to have to take of course taking out good holiday insurance is a must to cover on going illness . But where ever all you lovely Silver-travelers are going in the world be safe take care of one another and of all single travellers it’s a ideal place to make new friends enjoy .


I think this thread needs to be read in conjunction with this one. @iwent has summed it all up succinctly!

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So true @luna but it’s not just those who are lonely. There are those on the streets and I think the Salvation Army does great job at this time of the year getting as many as possible under a roof with a hot meal.

Essex UK

If you have friends or family Christmas can be a lovely time to get together. It is up to the individual if they go over the top with presents etc. We do have a choice. For those on their own or lonely or it can be something to be got through. So it’s many things to many people, k just hope those that are fortunate remember to extend the hand of friendship and make a difference and remember the try’s spirit of Christmas.

Sutton coldfield

I definitely agree with you there, Steve, @coolonespa about the differentiation between lucky and fortunate.
I remember as a newly-wed in the 60s being told how lucky I was to have bought (albeit with a mortgage!)
my own home. This was because we cut down on nights out, holidays, etc. and saved all we could for the
(then) 10% deposit. The ‘unlucky’ ones went out on the razz most nights and did a ‘Viv Nicholson’!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

And credit to you, Alan @Fossil for NOT forgetting it – very heartwarming to hear in this current me, me, me society.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

coolonespa wrote:

Not wishing to split hairs

Not wishing to split hairs myself, but my reference to you being “the lucky one” was in relation to your statement that you’d seen “Christmas campaigns since before Halloween” whereas some of us have seen Christmas fare in the shops since September. And for all that it’s been pointed out that this enables people who wish to to purchase their Christmas provisions well in advance, I would personally prefer not to see Christmas “being bandied about” until December.

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