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I think this thread needs to be read in conjunction with this one. @iwent has summed it all up succinctly!

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So true @luna but it’s not just those who are lonely. There are those on the streets and I think the Salvation Army does great job at this time of the year getting as many as possible under a roof with a hot meal.

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If you have friends or family Christmas can be a lovely time to get together. It is up to the individual if they go over the top with presents etc. We do have a choice. For those on their own or lonely or it can be something to be got through. So it’s many things to many people, k just hope those that are fortunate remember to extend the hand of friendship and make a difference and remember the try’s spirit of Christmas.

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I definitely agree with you there, Steve, @coolonespa about the differentiation between lucky and fortunate.
I remember as a newly-wed in the 60s being told how lucky I was to have bought (albeit with a mortgage!)
my own home. This was because we cut down on nights out, holidays, etc. and saved all we could for the
(then) 10% deposit. The ‘unlucky’ ones went out on the razz most nights and did a ‘Viv Nicholson’!

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And credit to you, Alan @Fossil for NOT forgetting it – very heartwarming to hear in this current me, me, me society.

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coolonespa wrote:

Not wishing to split hairs

Not wishing to split hairs myself, but my reference to you being “the lucky one” was in relation to your statement that you’d seen “Christmas campaigns since before Halloween” whereas some of us have seen Christmas fare in the shops since September. And for all that it’s been pointed out that this enables people who wish to to purchase their Christmas provisions well in advance, I would personally prefer not to see Christmas “being bandied about” until December.

Well done Alan. Being involved in such things are very sobering experiences.

@iwent wrote:

Aren’t you the lucky one

Not wishing to split hairs but I prefer to think of myself as fortunate rather than lucky. Lucky implies things just feel into place, whereas the reality is that we have been fortunate to have been able to craft & work on family Christmas traditions over many years that suit us.

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Many years ago when I was a member of Round Table we spent Novembers and early Decembers raising money for those who relied on Meals on Wheels for their Christmas Dinner. When we had raised the money it was then spent on extras for these people such as tins of biscuits, fruit, meats, plus others that needed the least effort to open and turn into a meal. Also a Christmas Cake, chocolates and Christmas card signed by all the tablers. On Christmas morning we used to attend at Social Services collect the meals and along with our contributions deliver the meals and extras. It was my first outing that made me realise how many poor, aged and sick people there are whose only visitor on that day was us and in some cases ours was the only Christmas card they had. I have never forgotten this.


coolonespa wrote:

Christmas campaigns before halloween

Aren’t you the lucky one @Coolonespa. I’ve been seeing Christmas fare in the shops since September.

But surely, it’s up to each of us to decide how, or even whether, we want to celebrate Christmas. From volunteering our time at a charity, to going at it full pelt and (literally) buying into every little bit of glitz and bling on offer.
If you feel unhappy about how things went when it’s all over, plan for something different next year. You could, for example, total up everything you’ve spent on an unsatisfactory series of seasonal events, and spend that amount on providing a well or a school where it will be appreciated. Or on growing some trees. Something helpful to our planet.
Then find some other, more meaningful, way of spending the time. Reading, learning a language, practising yoga or tai chi, thinking kind thoughts about neighbours, relatives, and strangers?

I heartily endorse all your comments @coolonespa and @JoCarroll

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