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Green cars....Good?

Certainly, electric cars are good for the environment but we seen to overlook the fact that the car and all its components still have to be made thus causing pollution by the factories and furnaces required.


There’s upsides and downsides to everything – one step forward always presents problems that need solutions. But that doesn’t absolve us of all responsibility and then we end up doing nothing. (I belong to a car share scheme and 2 of their cars are hybrids, and I love them – that feels like a good middle way until the technology for electric cars is better).

Electric car sales are shooting up, which is good news for air quality and climate change, but there may be a sting in the tail. The number of electric cars set to be sold globally this year will one day result in 500,000 tonnes of battery waste, five times as much as all the portable batteries currently recycled in the European Union annually. Electric car batteries typically last around 15 to 20 years, but they will need to be replaced eventually and most aren’t designed to be recycled. Researchers are warning that we urgently need a strategy for dealing with spent batteries, and recycling facilities need to be rapidly scaled up.

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