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Green Hotels

Well done Saga.

Essex UK

coolonespa wrote:

They also need to have them from a reusable dispenser to eliminate single use plastic.

I noticed the other week on Spirit of Discovery they had large bottles that were reusable, they kept topping them up.


Exactly Alan, couldn’t agree more. They also need to have them from a reusable dispenser to eliminate single use plastic.

Essex UK

Why don’t they switch to shower and hand gels that eliminates bars of soap? If they are worried about quality they could always use Molton Brown or similar, after all most cruise ships do it and people are happy with that.


@GeminiJen wrote:

Hilton’s UK hotels

A step in the right direction but Hilton group worldwide needs to do much better and introduce similar policies very quickly. I was appalled in Hilton Buenos Aries that the 2 bars of soap (sink and shower,,,they didn’t provide shower gel) were changed for new ones after 1 day. They weren’t even tiny bars, more medium sized…..a terrible waste.

Essex UK

@Cruzeroqueen1….Yes, me too.
In fact, at one small hotel I stayed in there was a queue of ‘regulars’ at the entrance every day .
And, visiting a loo once, I walked in on a young woman doing a roaring trade, selling a bagful of hotel soaps and shampoos…
That was almost 10 years ago….Hoping things have improved…


Yes, that is good news @GeminiJen – and perhaps they could send them in the direction of Cuba. When I was there,
people would come up to you in the street, rubbing their forearm and asking “Jabon?”, (Spanish for soap) as families
were rationed to one bar per month. Probably wrong of me, but I used to take my bar of soap from the hotel and
‘redistribute’ it most days!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Another ‘good news’ initiative from a hotel chain…

Hilton’s UK team has announced a soap recycling programme that it says will divert 64 tonnes of waste from landfill each year.
It will see the hotel group expand its current partnership with Clean the World.

According to the NGO, five million partially-used soap bars are thrown away in hotels around the world every day.
From 2020, soap bars from Hilton’s UK hotels (plus 17 in continental Europe) will be sent to Clean the World’s recycling facility in Amsterdam. They will be cleaned and repurposed into 700,000 new soap bars each year, which will be sent to communities in need.
Hilton said these would especially be in countries with a high death rate due to pneumonia and cholera.

“Partnering with brands such as Hilton helps us to deliver much-needed hygiene supplies to children and families in times of need,” said Shawn Seipler, founder and CEO of Clean the World.

Hilton says its eventual goal is to recycle 100 per cent of its leftover soap bars. So far its recycling programme has created 11 million new bars. More broadly, Hilton wants to reduce waste output by 50 per cent by 2030. It has already banned all plastic straws and stirrers and is set to roll out full-size toiletries in all hotels by the end of 2020.

Hotel groups Marriott, IHG, Hyatt and Mandarin Oriental have all made commitments to reduce their plastic use. Hyatt has also partnered with Clean the World.


GeminiJen wrote:

they were kind

Kindness makes such a difference – as a single, independent traveller it makes such a difference if people make me feel truly welcome.

Hello again @JoCarroll

Me too…although, like yours, my experience has been along the lines of ‘small is beautiful’.
Your example sounds perfect.

Closer to home, I can recommend Dhanakosa.
It’s a Buddhist retreat centre. I go there on occasional retreat: hillwalking and meditation, photography, yoga etc….There’s quite a range.
It’s set in an idyllic situation on the banks of Loch Voil.
You don’t have to be a practising Buddhist to attend, simply sympathetic to the way of life.
I thought of it when you said:“they were kind”….

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