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“The Fifth Estate” ~ Benedict Cumberbatch plays Julian Assange in this revealing drama documentary which chronicles the rise of Wikileaks and the trials and tribulations of the man who used his abilities as a maths genius to use accessible encryption to expose corruption in systems all over the world. Excellent drama this, which does offer a small glimpse of Assange’s abusive upbringing, his fearless uncompromising approach to protecting anonymity of whistle blowers which was to personally give sleepless nights to so many from Barack Obama to Hilary Clinton. This film’s direction includes some interesting metaphoric images reminiscent of Kubrick. This came out some years before Assange’s current arrest, concludes with his self imposed incarceration in the Ecuadorian Embassy and does give a clear insight into the nature of Wikileaks, the man behind it, and why so many in power felt threatened by it and does explain Assange’s current situation. A must see I think for anyone who knows that truth from any quarter is rarely on the menu.

@GeminiJen sounds amazing.


Seven Worlds, One Planet..…..again…
No spoilers, in case you’ve recorded this and have yet to watch.
Last night’s was South America. The photography…in the air and on the ground…was simply spectacular.
The final section showed how the photographers captured the sequences of the wild pumas in Southern Chile, of the mother hunting to feed her three cubs. 30 days spent tracking them…. over 100 miles…for 10-15 minutes viewing…. Wow doesn’t do it justice…..

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“Peterloo” Mike Leigh drama documentary film, chronicling the before, during and after of the Manchester Peterloo massacre of 1819 where British cavalry and infantry were mobilised against a peaceful demonstration about repealing of the corn laws, which culminated in the death of 18 unarmed protestors and the wounding and injuring of over 500 others in the demonstration. Immaculate attention to detail in settings, costumes and weaponry. Well researched character portrayals and convincingly scripted in typical Mike Leigh style via actor improvisation. Gripping, gruesome and unnervingly relevant to the in-fighting amongst the British hierarchies of today.

Also “Next” (the film that is, not the clothing retail giant). Another product from the pen of Philip. K. Dick based on his short story “The Golden Man”. Nicholas Cage stars as a somewhat challenged psychic, challenged in that his psychic abilities can predict with perfect accuracy two and a half minutes into his own immediate future. A handy skill to have in the casino. Not so handy when called upon by the FBI to locate and defuse a renegade nuclear bomb primed to go off at some point in the near future. This one’s really an action flick with a romance sub-plot, but does explore further aspects of psychic applications.

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Hey, I am very fond of watching Movies and Series. Right now I am watching ‘The Family Man’ on Netflix ♥

“Premonition” (2007) with Sandra Bullock, another film exploring the theme of the mind’s ESP abilities, as a woman lives out two intersecting parallel timelines at once, one where her husband has died, one where he hasn’t, sending her and her children into mayhem and hysteria. As usual, with most of these types of film, the bonus features often outweigh the main feature. Includes interviews and demonstrations from real life military remote viewers and a history of both the Pentagon and Kremlin involvement with psychic applications. A further mini documentary features interviews with several known psychics who correctly predicted various assassinations and disasters in finite detail through precognitive dreams.

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Junior Bake Off TV Series on Channel 4. I’m thoroughly enjoying this programme. The children are so creative in their baking, they are putting so much effort into everything they bake, and the team work is lovely to see. Harry Hill is a great host I’m sure his humour is keeping the contestants entertained as much as the public.

I’ve read the book….but haven’t seen the film.
When I do see a film of a book I’ve read, I’m almost invariably disappointed…although I would be willing to make an exception for Bill Nighy.
This all started with watching the film of Greyfriar’s Bobby as a child…but it was The Bonfire of the Vanities that sealed that decision. So miscast


I’ve just watched the most peculiar and disturbing film I’ve seen in a long time. I only bought this pre-owned DVD from a charity shop because the marvellous Bill Nighy was in it and I’ve yet to see him in a bad film. With a title like “Enduring Love” certainly wouldn’t make it on my watch list, until you read the blurb…chilling and disturbing, fly-on-the wall domestic thriller, adapted from a novel by Ian McEwan, a fatal balloon accident kicks off the whole story, culminating in an intense stalker scenario between two of the rescuers, stalkee becomes stalker played by a remarkable Daniel Craig who proves himself to be a versatile actor for once when he’s not playing James Bond yet again, his endurance pushed to the limit hence the irony of the title..A nicey picey love story this ain’t. Quite the opposite in fact. Menace, madness, murder, chaos and dark domestic upheaval abound with a plot that keeps you guessing to the end and afterwards (keep watching the credits at the very end as there’s a final sinister scene spliced in). Very menacing. Very Noir. Very McEwan.

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@ Grey-Wolf
For a more positive/optimistic view of human endeavour, see e.g. https://ecohustler.com/about/

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