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Conscience cleanser indeed. I read all about you years ago and what you did to those poor 3 little pigs!! But I do like pies @GreyWolf so we’re quits I think, and anyway £30,000 seems an awful lot of money for 10,000 clapped out hens!

Bishop Auckland

@Riversiderouge well what better conscience cleanser than to give something back to the Hen community after all these years and save them from a fate worse than pies ?!!

I think I might give this one a miss @GreyWolf. In the 60’s I worked as a salesman selling chicken portions to pubs and fish & chip shops, so I think it might be a bit hypocritical for me to start adopting one 50 years later, don’t you?

Bishop Auckland

A group promoting hen welfare is seeking good homes for 10,000 chickens and hens for a nominal £2.50 charge per hen. The hens are 72 weeks old which is just beyond their egg laying peak, and are due to be sent for slaughter, though they still do lay eggs on a regular basis. If you would like a hen or two around your home fill in the online form below


Full “i” newspaper hens feature article here:


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