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Tyre cameras revealed

Possibly that is just a unit for demonstration purposes, or even at a vehicle test centre.

If it were to be used on the road it would certainly have to go from one side to the other side to be of any use….



It looks a small device so where is it going to be located. Can’t be on a normal road as it would require a width restriction to ensure you drive over the pad!!!


Shock over tyre scanner built into the road that is set to fine motorists with insufficient tread

It looks like nothing more than a grate on the road, but the device in this picture is a sophisticated scanner that detects illegal tread depths as vehicles pass by. And it could be the British police’s new speed camera.

The set-up uses a combination of high-speed cameras and lasers to accurately measure the depth of each tyre groove, and sounds a warning if the central 75 per cent of the tyre has less than 1.6mm of tread.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) confirmed that its advisor on road policing enforcement technology, Trevor Hall, had seen the 50,000 Euro (£43,000) device on a visit to maker ProContour in Germany.

Anything that improves safety is welcome. But motorists are going to be left scratching their heads if they start getting fines or points for their tyres.”

Another money maker?

So, the ACPO man can hardly contain his enthusiasm for a device to detect worn tyres. But is he “excited” because it reduces accidents, or at the prospect of millions in fines? Maybe he’s excited that this device means less real police work and more pen pushing. Speed isn’t and never was the biggest killer. But that didn’t stop the invasion of speed cameras, which are more about money making than accident reduction.

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