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The 11th Hour, We Will Remember Them.

Each and every year we remember them by attending one or another services, either at the Cenotaph in London…

or this year we joined our local Service of Remembrance…

Found that very moving, Alan @Fossil – and I thought the choice of music complemented it.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

A short video of the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey.



Today I attended Westminster Abbey and the Field of Remembrance. A time for reflection, crosses for several who were in my Provo. Coy. Nearly 380 plots representing the millions that came from all over the world and gave their lives in the name of ‘Freedom’.


How wonderful, Alan, @Fossil – thanks for sharing.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Good posts Alan, thanks.

Essex UK

It’s that time of year when we remember those who made the greatest sacrifice of all. The video brings back memories of being part of the RMPA Honour Guard for an RMP Sergeant’s funeral in Kent who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009.


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