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Silver Sunday - 7th October 2018

@Endy – regrettably, I didn’t get to the Lords shindig – but plans are in full swing to head for the Test Matches in Sri Lanka (the next best thing?)

An area I know well @Endy Lovely part of London.


I wonder whether any of our members attended any of these events?

@JoCarroll did you get to the Lords extravaganda – I heard from two people (one from two years ago, one from this year) that it was utterly superb.

Mine was more “interesting” than anything else – tea in Eaton Square Gardens – next-road-but-one to the famous Eaton Place

@Cruzeroqueen1 wrote:

and the Questionmaster is ALWAYS right!

Of course & now I’ll rest easier in my bed for knowing that.

Grey-Wolf wrote:

Harvest Festival 5th October near me

That seems to be the extent of events near me & that’s not really a special event just for this day. Hopefully more will be added.

Essex UK

The generally accepted answer from most Quiz Books is 336 (and the Questionmaster is ALWAYS right!).

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

coolonespa wrote:

How many dimples are there on a golf ball?”!

I wouldn’t like to guess so I looked it up:


As long as you don’t open the link, you can still try to guess the number of dimples on a golf ball!

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@Cruzeroqueen1 wrote:

How many dimples are there on a golf ball?”!

Go on then, how many (I have to ask). I thought there were many different brands with different numbers?

Essex UK

Thanks, Steve, @coolonespa – ready when you are – but I hope it includes my very favourite
quiz question “How many dimples are there on a golf ball?”!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Oh @Endy – you know how to make me happy!

Endy wrote:

to show off his great knowledge

I’ll take that as a compliment but in reality I’d only stand a chance if I could fly @Cruzeroqueen1 over to help me

Essex UK
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