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Favourite Greek Island

We’ve probably done about 12 Greek isles over 20 years and I would have to say we liked every one,but on the basis of the number of different things to see and do it has to be Crete. You probably need to hire a car/scooter to get the most from a visit there,but we’ve been twice and there are still things that we have not seen. Santorini is ok ,but only for a week,Samos is nice too,but Rhodes would be bottom of our list…although it was at the end of the season,so maybe not the best time to judge it. Regards Stan.

Thanks. They both sound lovely. My sister likes Corfu but hasn’t been for quite a few years.

Hi Angela,
The Greek Islands are beautiful. If ever you fly over them they appear as small islands surrounded by a strip of yellow sand and the white of the breaking surf. My favourite is Mykonos.


Hi Angela
My personal favourite is Corfu, especially the north-east coast. Perfect views across the sparkling Ionian Sea, lovely countryside, friendly locals, a good choice of tavernas, easy to hire a car and explore inland… or hire a boat and meander up and down the coastline to find a secluded cove. The water might not be warm enough to swim, but the weather is usually good by that time and there is lots to see and do… or not, if you just prefer to relax.
ps Kefalonia is lovely too.


I’d love to do a Greek island cruise but it will have to wait until I retire (too hot for husband in July/August. I’m thinking of having an islan holiday in the spring bank holiday week which is early June. I know lots of you have experience of various Greek islands but which ones would you recommend for a week’s holiday? I’ve been to Rhodes (loved it but it was 25 yrs ago) and Cyprus (it was like a building site when we were there – big disappointment) Any suggestions?

I think I’ve put this in the wrong place but have no idea how to move it. Sorry!

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