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Moving House

The trouble with burying your head in the sand, @applegroupie, is that it leaves you wide open for a kick up the bum!

Threatening to air your problems on social media often gets results.


@JoCarroll If I were an ostrich, I would bury my head in the sand! When I wake up tomorrow morning perhaps this is all a dream???

Oh @applegroupie – you must be about ready to throw the whole lot out of the window!

Openreach engineer connected us to the network on Friday. We also appear to have retained our old number, as requested. However, we can only make outgoing calls and the speed of our broadband connection is only 0.69Mb pretty much unusable! We are unable to receive any calls.

I’m perplexed. My next door neighbour, also a TalkTalk customer, was connected to the network on 12th July and they currently enjoy broadband speed of 15.7Mb and they have full use of their land line.

I spoke to TalkTalk customer services of our new problems on Saturday and they have raised a call with Openreach to investigate. Openreach arrived this morning, checked the line and declared that it is in perfect order so it must be something to do with Talk Talk’s software! So the ball is now back to Talk Talk.

To say I am fed up with this saga is the understatement of the year!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Essex UK

Looks like you’re getting there, @applegroupie – hurrah!

Great news! Talk Talk is coming round to install our landline and internet this Friday, 13th – say no more!

Good news, @applegroupie

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

JoCarroll wrote:

you have got a lot on your plate (I hope that includes cake!)

Not allowed cake as I am borderline diabetic but I have been off the wagon multiple times in recent weeks!

A bit of good news – Openreach finally unblocked and installed cable in our road on Friday. Now waiting for Talk Talk to confirm when they are coming to connect our landline and internet.

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