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Secrets of your Cruise- Channel 4 Despatches 8pm

… and Hurtigruten’s new hybrid ships


More about the research at Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard on the Governor’s website. (a bit technical for me but it appears to take a look at various forms of pollution)


That’s one of the points I tried but failed to make Fossil. During the whole program there was no apparent opportunity from any cruise company to answer or challenge the facts as they were presented, only written quotes. Unbalanced would have been a better description on balance (sic)!

Bishop Auckland

I understand the results were obtained from the P&O cruise ship Oceana which is now 17 years old. Not all ships pollute in the same way. Take for example the Radiance Class of ships belonging to Royal Caribbean which are Gas, Steam Turbine and are 80% less polluting. Was any mention made of these ships.


I watched it too, and it was a bit of an eye opener, I hadn’t really associated pollution with cruise ships. It is good that the industry is already addressing the problem, lets hope it continues and perhaps further developments made to reduce pollution.

North Northumberland

I watched it – I thought it was hard to say how biased it was, but I do think that all our industries need to look at their pollutants. We tend to put all the blame on cars, but planes and ships do more than their share.

Some in the cruise industry are already responding by introducing various types of ‘green’ powered ships- hybrid etc.

Svalbard has already banned ships using heavy fuel oil from visiting Ny-Ålesund and there is a recent news report that the Norwegian Government is considering a ban on polluting ships visiting ‘World Heritage Sites’ (news in Norwegian)

I think a lot of port pollution could be avoided if the ports supply/ships use shore power.


I am currently watching a very one sided report about the alleged pollution caused by cruise ships. It is so biased.

Bishop Auckland
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