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General Election - 8th June

I’m trying to understand what they are saying but can’t get my head around the gaping whole between their proposals & how they are going to fund it.

Essex UK

So Labour is going to nationalise everything so that the public can enjoy unprecedented service. I bet the striking unions would love that to happen, just like they did before, which led to privatisation in the first place!

Bishop Auckland

Did anyone hear the interview of Diane Abbot on LBC this morning. Talk about make a fool of yourself. When interviewed on the news this evening she said that she had done 7 interviews and 6 went well. Obviously forgotten about the interview after that of LBC with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain when she refused to answer a question put by him at least 4 times which required a Yes or No answer!!
At this rate the Conservatives don’t have to do anything, Labour are winning all the votes for them.

Anywhere that the sun is shining.

It’s not often I post but I do read the forum on a regular basis and this thread could turn out to be a good debate.
Quite agree with you SA-Takkkies
Can you imagine the leaders of the other parties doing it. The opposition leader can’t even get the support of his own MP’s with a massive vote of no confidence in him (172-40) let alone negotiate with people like Angela Merkel. When you get people like Tony Blair advising labour voters to back the tories it makes you wonder if he too realises Theresa May is the only one who is capable of carrying out the negotiations.
It would be interesting to read the views of others.

Anywhere that the sun is shining.

Theresa May, whether we like it or not, is the only person capable of leading the UK’s negotiations with the EU. She needed a clear mandate from the electorate because of all the sniping, back-biting and revolt within the Tory Party, the total chaos from Labour and the Europhile drivel from the Lib-Dems about a re-run of the EU-Referendum vote. She has said over and over again that the final deal will be put before Parliament before the final deal is agreed and signed. I really don’t see what the problem is with that. Her action in calling a snap GE has also reassured Northern Ireland that things will go on as normal in Stormont (even through their present elections, so that services and economic issues will be dealt with) and it even caught wee Nippy off-guard with IndyRef2 to form part of the GE campaign. All in all, I think Mrs May is our best bet going forward – and the country (including those MPs, ex-PMs and all the self-serving individuals, such as a certain Mrs Miller) will no doubt be better off with her at the helm than any other individual.

A clever move on her part, I believe. She needs a mandate and has no doubt learned from poor old Gordon Brown’s mistake …Dithering doesn’t win votes…Decisiveness does…


Fossil wrote:

Personal Opinion Only

Theresa May will come back with a thumping great majority.

Likewise a personal opinion only but I do hope you are right. I thought it was a very impressive speech she gave.

Essex UK

….and I hope she does cos there ain’t much else to choose from,


Personal Opinion Only

Theresa May will come back with a thumping great majority and the Lib Dems will decimate the Labour Party.


That’s pretty much all they deliver these days isn’t it? I’m pleased I’m going away next month, but it’s a clever move by Theresa May. Surely only the hardest of left wingers will vote for JC, and Oor Wullie has no more seats to win than last time. The Liberals have an opportunity to gather back the votes they lost previously by getting the support of those who don’t accept Brexit.

Bishop Auckland
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