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JoCarroll wrote:

but there always seem to be so many other things I’d rather do

I agree Jo but if you plug all your details into a comparison site that you’ve registered with, the following year you just need to give it a quick update if anythings changes and press the button. Its what I do. I know it doesn’t cover all the options, sort of the 80/20 rules of shopping around, but its quick and has saved me lots……and quickly gets me back to doing something more interesting.

Essex UK

I think @Poshgirl60 has the right idea, shop around and save money.


I know I should shop around, but there always seem to be so many other things I’d rather do … like read, or play on this forum!

Decided to go to a high street broker again as this phoning around and bartering for a cheaper price has worn thin. Hardly any difference at the end of the day.

Sutton coldfield

Not a huge amount @Luna my philosophy being that I have better things to spend my money on than overcharging suppliers. I’m pretty much with @Barrowman and have been through the card of my services but always give my existing supper the option to match the best price I’ve found for the cover/service I want. Quite often they do match it, which gets me the savings without having to change.

Essex UK

I tend to stay with the same one, M and S, always bit concerned lest one of the less known ones would be trouble in the event of a claim. How much would you need to save to change a company you are with? Thanks.

Sutton coldfield

Many people miss out with cheaper insurances by not realising some jobs they worked in have benefits. For example if you worked for the Civil Service there is the CSMA, if you were in the police there is NARPO both of which get excellent rates with certain insurance companies. I believe that banks offer the same. Worth looking into whilst looking at comparison sites.


Comparison sites are the way to go even if its only to get an idea of whats around, I always use them and have done for some years now. One thing I also do is to get quotes from independent brokers which often pays dividends as with my car insurance this year

So far this year I have saved £61 on my car insurance, £38 on my wife’s car insurance, and this week I’ve saved £223 changing my gas/electricity supplier, my house and contents insurance a saving of £22… I’m now looking at which bank is offering the best incentive to swap accounts too.

Long gone are the days when loyalty to one company was an advantage to the customer…..


I recall giving a presentation to a group of people some years ago now. The subject of the presentation was “Information Technology – Are you too long in the tooth?”

It was my objective to persuade others of my generation to sign up to a local basic IT course, because I suggested that they would be massively inconvenienced if they didn’t.

I think I got that one right!

Bishop Auckland

What did we do without comparison sites??

Last week had to do home insurance; all done for another year with yet another company. Also got 2 for 1 cinema tickets through that comparison site.

Just done car insurance after receiving “great” price from my current provider. The sales person said that premiums had gone up over the past year. That is maybe, but their price was so great I’ve gone to another company and saved £140!!

10 Posts
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