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Am I the only person here into cricket?

Oh what a great day!!

Well, at least they dug in and didn’t throw wickets away – maybe all that criticism got home. Really hoping for more of the same today – am off to the Oval to watch, and wouldn’t it be fab to see Stokes and Cook grind away a big score.

They were brilliant, particularly how they kept their nerve when the game was going against them…..men please note.

Essex UK

What a wonderful game – and what a great example to a generation of little girls! (Wonder if the men were watching!)

Absolutely, Steve – and great for the game that Lords is a sell-out!

Come on the ladies today…time to bring home the bacon

Essex UK

An absolutely brilliant job by the women’s team. Fingers crossed for the final.

Essex UK

I heard an interview with Bayliss today, and he dismissed the whole ‘have we forgotten how to knuckle down and grind out an innings’ idea.

And then I listened to the women … what a great game. Well done, both teams – and especially to England, who held their nerve down to the last few balls.

I hope they do, give the guys something to think about. I still think they should have a match fee based on minimum wage & they only get a bonus up to the value of their current wages if they win (50% for a draw). Might add some focus & application.

Essex UK

Oh England – we haven’t been that rubbish since the 1990s.

So tomorrow the women will have to show the men how to do it properly.

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