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Am I the only person here into cricket?

At least we are doing well at rugby.


Oh well, at least we made a great game of it – we didn’t just roll over and let them walk all over us.

I followed it on the BBC website, Steve. Thank goodness for the view – we were rubbish!

Having already lost to the Aussies having posted in excess of 150, I’m not sure 137 will be enough. A different wicket though, so we’ll see. I can picture you Jo, looking at that amazing view & listening to TMS (if you could get it).

Essex UK

Smith is a great test cricketer – can hang onto his wicket and wear bowlers out and then score his runs. Doesn’t work in the ODIs – like Buttler can’t do the hanging-in-there thing but throws his bat at everything.

But what a team – to win that! They must have huge belief to turn these almost-lost games around.

Fitting finale to the series & a comfortable series victory for England. Feels good to say that even if its only the ODIs. Interesting how Smith’s form has been mediocre under the pressure of limited overs run rates.

Essex UK

Eeeek! Thank goodness it’s early evening here and I can have a beer after watching the last few overs!

Lets hope this was a one off. Either a lack of motivation or a failure to adapt to a swinging pitch.

Essex UK

Oh well, at least we made a game of it. Next stop, Sunday!

Here I am, in the sun with my breakfast, turn on the BBC website to catch a score … and we are 6-4. Think I’ll go back to bed.

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