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Am I the only person here into cricket?

Each to their own, @Gustavski!

I hate to rain on your parade, and being new on here I suspect I shoudn’t be saying this.
I find cricket the most boring game ever, only slightly more boring than watching a chess match.
Now outdoors it has to be baseball, indoors snooker.


Agreed, Steve – credit goes to all of them (except possibly Gabriel). The ODIs should be exciting!

It seems they didn’t find a new way to throw it away after all & a decent consolation victory secured. Credit to Chase for making a game of it & Root, not only for his innings, but the mature way he handled the Gabriel incident.

Now on to the one dayers & T20s, lets see if we can do better there.

Essex UK

That’s better, Root – and no, surely they’ll not throw it away. Though if the pitch flattens out the West Indians have shown that they are less likely to throw wickets away than we are.

Impressive lead of 448 overnight. So are we going to see them close it out or find a new & unusual way to throw the game away?

Essex UK

Good result again in the Rugby & the women also put 40+ points past France. Nice to see England on top in the WI. A few solid displays by some of the players, which is what’s been lacking to date.

Essex UK

Sorry, off topic but well done again England at Twickers. England 44 – France 8.


A really sad performance against the Windies, but well done to them for making us look inadequate.

Fossil wrote:

well done England

Indeed, thank goodness they gave us something to smile about.

Essex UK

I know its off topic but well done England beating the favourites and No.2 team in the world 32 – 20. Keep up the great work and make England proud.

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