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Am I the only person here into cricket?

NZ are showing us how to play test cricket. But are we willing to learn? And can Root, especially, make the most of this pitch and score some runs?

Our boys are definitely struggling with the conditions in NZ. We, again, need a couple of our batsmen to step up with a big innings or two.

Essex UK

Over the past few years we’ve really shown an inability to grind out an innings or to drop a dead bat on everything to save a match. Hopefully they’ll have learned something from the NZers skill at resisting the flamboyant shots and just play the simple stuff, keeping the scoreboard rolling.

Essex UK

Oh well … must do better (as my teachers used to say)

Oh dear :-(

Essex UK

You’ve definitely got that right Jo. We need to show that we can bat in a disciplined way to save this one.

Essex UK

I’d settle for a boring draw from here, Steve – winning overseas is always a challenge and this is New Zealand – they will scrap to the last ball, and do it without histrionics or badmouthing anyone.

I was hoping the first innings totals would be close and this would turn into a real contest but has all the makings of a boring draw at the moment.

Essex UK

A very considered answer Jo that I’m pretty much in line with (although I have been to one T20 game and a pitiful batting display by Hampshire made it a poor spectacle).

Essex UK

Oh the angst in cricketing circles about the Hundred.

I see that they want to find ways to make the game exciting for young people – cricket needs gate money in order to survive. And the gates that attend county matches – and thus feed the test team – are pitiful. And, given that they want to attract young people, it makes sense to run in during the school holidays.

Having said that, I wish they had simply revamped the current T20 competition – running yet another takes time out of the county games – and thus players have even less opportunity to practise the long game.

But I’m not against the short form in principle. Me – I prefer a classical concert to a rock concert – but that doesn’t mean that one is a more valid form of music than another, they are simply different. I love test cricket, enjoy 50 over cricket, but am unlikely to go to a shortened form. So I don’t wish them ill – and hope they find ways to make sure the income trickles down into the long form, where good coaches are sorely needed.

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