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Do you tailgate?

I couldn’t agree more! Last week, we were coming back from The Stables at Wavendon when we had someone tailgating us (in a 30mph limit) all the way through Cranfield until we got to just before Beancroft Road (No 30mph limit) . At which point we accelerated and left them standing. They were so close, I was the passenger and my wing mirror was full of their lights. Shame there wasn’t a police car about.

There I am driving to the speed limit and to the law and some idiot comes up behind me
about 10-15mph above the speed limit.

They then drive right up to my back bumper to try and make me go faster. I’m not going to go any
faster so why do they bother with their little intimidating tactics, these drivers shouldn’t have a license.

It just spoils the enjoyment of driving when idiots like these are driving on the road.

Do you know anyone who does this? Do you do it yourself? Do people do it to you too?


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