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Proud Grandad or what!!

This is fantastic news, Well done Hallie, what a star, you have every right to be very proud!

North Northumberland

Thank you all yet again for your kind comments Alan, Eleanor and Gill,.

2020 Olympics here we come – fingers crossed that is, and if it happens I hope I’ll still be around to see it….


Brilliant, @Barrowman – she’s a star!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

That is such good news. Definitely one very proud Grandad.


Fantastic news. No wonder you are proud and rightly so. @Barrowman


Oops, I do have the video already, and here it is. Not very good quality and a bit shaky at times. If you want to skip the first 1.5 minutes of americanisation feel free – Hallie is on the right in the opening frame.



Just heard that Hallie as been selected for the British Junior Gymnastics team.

Also four weeks ago she took part in the above selection and gymnastics competition, where she gained a silver and bronze medal awards. Not seen a video of it yet but will post when its available….


Thank you Fossil

Also thank you Gill, Jo, Pam, pink and applegroupie…………..

Your comments will be passed on to Hallie.


Great video’s Barrowman.


Of course you’re proud – what a wonderful young woman she is!

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