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Proud Grandad or what!!

Thank you for your comments ladies, I will be passing them on to Hallie as I do all comments on this thread…


That really is a good news. All credit to Hallie and all the support her family is giving her. That must be a big load off all your minds – as well as Hallie’s foot…


thanks for the update. it looks to me like a substantial step in the right direction, and one that i’m sure, in this heat, hallie will be really glad of.
so, now halfway through the initial 12-week ordeal ~ keep up that core training hallie, we’re rooting for you!

News update – Hallie had her big boot removed on Thursday and is no longer on crutches……All she’s got to do now is learn to walk again properly after having to swing that big heavy boot around for the last few weeks. She will still be doing core training for a while yet though…..


Keep us informed @Barrowman David.


Thank you all for the good wishes, I will pass them on to Hallie when I see her this Friday.


Thanks for the update on Hallie @Barrowman. Hope this little setback will make her more determined to participate in the 2021 Olympics!

Wishing her all the best, David – @Barrowman – we’ll all be very proud if she makes it to Team GB!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

That is positive news and she does seem to be a remarkable mature and determined young lady.


Barrowman wrote:

injury will not affect her chances in the GB gymnastics team

i think we’re all rooting for hallie, @barrowman
meanwhile, i hope hallie fully understands about not rushing back onto those bars and other exercises ~ it must be very hard on her. sympathy

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