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What is your opinion on the Guardian ?

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Well said Coolonespa


Agreed Stan & as I said above I have done just that. Sadly there are many who buy a paper just for the sport coverage or even the contents of page 3. We need to stamp down on the abusers of the press freedom & allow responsible reporting to flourish.

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Essex UK

We should be careful that we do not tar all newspapers with the same feathers. There are some,I admit it to be a few responsible journals,that I would except. Surely the best way to tame the renegades is to refrain from buying them. FT reading Stan.

When I said that Gricer I was referring to it remaining within the confines of the service as opposed to it being broadcast by all and sundry. There is no harm in sharing intelligence, indeed it is to be encouraged in the fight of global terrorism and other subversive influences. The problem comes when deciding what to share with whom.


I know a lot of the newspapers are getting together voicing their disappointment with this. A Times journalist suggested newspapers may even consider ignoring the ruling entirely and operating by their own charters. It’s a vast area which concerns all the papers not just ‘The Guardian’. Do you want a free press or a censored one ? Couldn’t there be similar ruling on crass sensationalist journalism as well ?

Wakefield, West Yorks.
Once that data is collected is should remain secret and kept within the confines of the intelligence service who gathered it.

I really don’t think that is practical in this day and age given the international nature of terrorism and crime. I would have thought it important that countries should share intelligence where it is of mutual benefit for them to do so.


I’m with Fossil on this one. He’s expressed it a lot more eloquently than I could.


My own belief is that every country needs it’s own intelligence service. It is vital for that countries security. Once that data is collected is should remain secret and kept within the confines of the intelligence service who gathered it. To disclose the secrets of a country is treason. The problem with newspapers is they print whatever they think will sell newspapers. Many people have had their reputations damaged by newspapers. OK, the newspaper does a small apology tucked away in the pages and if the defamed person has money they can sue the newspaper concerned but it is too late, the damage is done. Newspapers need to be reigned in without stopping them printing news.


Not specifically the Guardian but all types of media need to be held account for what they publish. Lives are ruined by them splashing allegations about individuals on front pages long before these are proven to be facts. The freedom of the press has been consistently abused & this proposed Royal Charter is unlikely to improve matters. I never buy a newspaper, voting with my wallet is my protest against the current standard of reporting.

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Essex UK

The guardian has been roundly condemned by the Agents of Government and many other people this week as putting lives at risk by releasing stolen information.

There are rumours that the government is thinking of prosecuting the Guardian , also these people who
actually release this info such as Snowdon and Assange [who are both in hiding] are they traitors? putting lives at risk in many countries around the globe?

I can still see the bitter face of the American [Greenald ?] when his partner was caught with these tapes saying he would make sure’ England paid’ interesting enough although American he lived in Brazil!

What is your opinion? CM

10 Posts
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