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Red squirrels introduced to the Scilly Isles

Why does it look like it flew there?!

It was only a matter of time and today this pic popped up on my Facebook feed, I felt it should be shared here amongst squirrel lovers!
Credit goes to Neil Peters in Eastbourne.

@sallyD wrote:

Great pics

Thanks Sally

sallyD wrote:

just need an albino to complete the set

Essex UK

Great pics @coolonespa – just need an albino to complete the set

Nice to see them thriving @sallyD

As an aside…in China I spotted some brown squirrels, never seen brown ones before:

Essex UK

Proof that red squirrels have settled into life on Tresco (lucky things).Spotted in the Tresco Abbey Gardens two weeks ago when I was enjoying a short break. ( I wish someone would relocate me to the Scilly Isles.)

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Don’t know if this belongs on another thread alongside horsemeat but without seeking to be in any way squirreligious Grey Squirrel ( of which UK has an absolute deluge) is supposed to be a delicacy in many a pie down south…has anybody ever tried it ?

Wakefield, West Yorks.

More good news for the reds, this time from Formby. 10% of the population have squirrel pox antibodies in their blood suggesting the squirrels have been infected with the disease but have got better. There are also reports of red squirrels re establishing themselves in Dumfrieshire


There was a red appearing regularly when we did our camping trip to France.

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Essex UK
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