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What are you having for dinner today?

My favourite meal that I cook is Chili con Carne – I do a large pressure cooker-ful which gives enough for 6 more meals. I always cook everything from scratch – no pre-packed meals here – steam vegetables, and if I have to use oil, it’s extra virgin olive oil. I cringe when I see people in the supermarket with a trolley full of ready-made meals – plus huge bottles of Diet Coke!

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Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain
Coolonespa.. Thanks its heartening to see that despite TV people are cooking properly and not relying on junk food. Good on ya keep it up!

I’ve always wanted to cook more but just didn’t have the time. Since I’ve retired my wife has taught me & I enjoy being in the kitchen. She recently had an operation that kept her off her feet for 6 weeks, so we were both relieved she’d made the investment in my culinary skills. 6 weeks of beans on toast would have worn a bit thin

Essex UK

Coolonespa.. Thanks its heartening to see that despite TV people are cooking properly and not relying on junk food. Good on ya keep it up!


Fossil seems fairly healthy to me…perhaps the cream bit ?!!! Like the lots of veggies. Love sausage myself but have had to ration. USA steak was the best I have ever eaten….forgive me it was at "Paris" in Vegas with a group of students. Vegas was great but an overload on my senses for more than 2 day!!!The students had a great experience and a ball! Thanks so much for a response. Ever seen the underground of the Vegas hotel operation? Wow unbelievable.


Ended up with fish in parsley sauce, sweet corn, marrow fat peas, runner beans and new potatoes. This was followed by cherry tart and cream. Her indoors does look after me.
My favourite is sausages, beans, plum tomato’s, fried onions and mash. Also partial to a real Lancashire hotpot. If in the USA it has to be steak.


Easy dinner tonight. Typically we’ll cook 3 or 4 portions so they’ll be 1 or 2 to freeze. Tonight was a blast in the microwave for a Beef Bourguignon portion & one of Beef stew with swede. Just add some freshly made mashed potato & it was done.

Essex UK

With the onset of colder weather Michael cooked up a big bowl of mince today (his special recipe which includes a bottle of Old Peculiar) so it was mince and dumplings tonight. The rest will get used up over the next few days as roly poly, lasagne, cottage pie, mince and pasta with melted cheese on top…

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So what did you get fossil?! Rather fancied cruisebuddies dinner! What’s your favourite though?


No idea. I eat what I am given.


My favourite, Liver and Bacon with mash and peas.and a nice thick-ish gravy.

Roll on dinnertime.

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