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A haircut, then a bit of shopping to do. After that there are a few things around the house that need fixing, putting up etc. so I’ll get them done.

Essex UK

I’m going to visit a local village today. They are just beginning to see the potential of tourists visiting villages, so they are apparently looking forward to me coming. It could be quite an occasion! (And I have plenty of balloons with me, so at least the children will be happy!)

RMPA meeting then an early night for an equally early start tomorrow morning to get the Eurostar to Lille.


Driving range this morning knocking a few balls up the fairway, lunch, then a walk around the Millennium park just outside Bedford – home and then removing all the mud from my boots…..yuk….


Gym this morning, then doing a spot of writing and chasing Thomas Cook on the progress of my complaint.

Essex UK

Booking flights to UK for forthcoming cruise from So’ton (28 days round trip to Carib.).

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Typhoid booster for a trip later this year.

Essex UK

Yoga class.


This morning I have electricity (but I’ve no idea how long it will last) and an internet connection! So I’m getting emails done. And this afternoon I’m going to ride a horse across an African mountain. I say ride, I shall sit on it and admire the view.

coolonespa wrote:

18:15 07-Jan-17

Cruzeroqueen1 wrote:

a boiled egg and soldiers

Wooooah, steady on Gill
75945 81817
Essex UK

Only half a regiment………………….

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain
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