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Up at 6am to spray the roses before the Bees wake up. I have a new BT Smart Hub to install today, so if that goes well you’ll see me post later. No posts = it didn’t go well.

Essex UK

Off to the gym in a moment and the Grandchildren will be gone by the time I get back. Been full on and exhausting fun. The little one attached herself to me this weekend like an extra layer of skin. Very flattering but hard to duck nappy duty when you are the chosen one. Perhaps I could sneak a nap this afternoon.

Essex UK

Have waited all week for the rain to stop so I can get outside to mow the lawn which I finally did this morning.

I’m off for another day at work for my old company, at least the sun is shining – at the moment.


Day two of the grandchildren and after the fun day yesterday the little one had such a disturbed night, which means I’ll be lucky not to nod off at some point during the day

Essex UK

Thanks for the support, @pink – I think the first couple have put an offer on a beautiful village school conversion – I can see why they like it, and they come from a big town, so might not realise the hassle of not being able to pop out for milk. I wish them well – they were a lovely young couple.

The others – I’ve not heard anything. I’m not convinced they’ve really decided to move at all. Oh well, you never know. But at least I know there can be no last-minute viewings today, so I can hang the washing out!

fingers thoroughly crossed @jocarroll ~ maybe even for a little bidding war, or at least a full-price off by the end of the weekend!


Cruzeroqueen1 wrote:

A glimpse into your secret life as a warlock, eh, Steve?

Wouldn’t o
it’d be so easy if I could wave a wand and the garden would be sorted…I can dream I suppose.

We have the Grandchildren here whilst our Daughter is at a wedding (not Pippa’s) so its going to fun but full on.

Essex UK

Fossil wrote:

Visiting some of our Bulgarian friends, plus topping up the tan and enjoying the food at the excellent local restaurants where

That even beats here, @Fossil!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

JoCarroll wrote:

13:44 19-May-17

Cleaning, polishing, biting my nails … I’ve got one house viewing today and another tomorrow. (Please, viewing people, buy my house. I want my life back!)

Will keep everything crossed for you, @JoCarroll

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain
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