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Keep your chins up @JoCarroll and @Riversiderouge it’ll be worth it in the end

Plenty of jobs to do around the house today, from repairing a toilet seat and the holes made by the cavity wall insulation guys, to dealing with the multiple ant infestations in the garden (not of the flying kind).

Essex UK

Good for you, @Riversiderouge – I’m paying for the removers to pack for me.

And the only tip I have for getting solicitors to hurry up is to have one as a brother!

Guess what. Still packing. Now on my 22nd box

Second lot of furniture going today – to the local exchange who provide for homeless families. (The first lot went to a young couple I know moving into their first home.)

The house is beginning to look a bit sorry for itself – but I’m downsizing and so it must go.

(The Saturday viewing was defeated by parking – there was a music festival in town and no one could park anywhere. Oh well … the house will sell eventually.)

Gym, Sauna, Steam and dinner at our daughters.


Bits and pieces, then taking our grandchildren to TumbleTots, stop at the DIY store & gardening centre on the way back, possibly grab some lunch out.

Essex UK

@Riversiderouge nearly 4 years ago we moved from a 4 bed detached into a 3 bed bungalow and it was a nightmare so I can imagine what you are going through. They say it all works out in the end, when it does I will let you know.


Another day of packing our worldly goods in preparation for our move before the end of the month…… we hope. Moving into a two bedroom bungalow from a four bedroom house is a bit of a challenge. Has anyone any tips on how to get solicitors to work a bit quicker by the way?

Gardening, tidy up the garage and tonight relax with a glass of Rose and read the latest editions of the ‘Corps Journal’ and ‘Sea Lines’.


Just mowed the lawn and fought with the ivy.

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