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@JoCarroll Sounds like a good time was had by all, including granny. Did you manage to find a dinosaur?

@applegroupie – the farm was fun – (Roves Farm, north of Swindon) there was plenty of indoor play things to keep the children happy for a while and the rain stopped after lunch so we went on a tractor ride and dinosaur hunt! (I overheard someone say, ‘this place gets more surreal each time I come’) So everyone was happy!

Applying for a new passport (‘from outside UK’, so slightly different form). Finally got everything filled in correctly and triumphantly pressed Print Declaration Form. Problem! It comes up as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file, and my old Windows XP is not compatible with their latest edition, so won’t work. Fortunately, they have a Plan B for this eventuality, so you can save everything under a personal reference number to access later. So tomorrow I’ll have to go into town to an internet ‘shop’ and print it off from there. Should take 4 weeks, so they say (returned by courier at an excorbitant cost, but with our postal service, a good thing!).

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Gardening! I should check out how much that robot charges.

JoCarroll wrote:

It’s my granddaughter’s birthday and she’s asked to go to a local farm … it’s tipping with rain

How did you get on at your granddaughter’s birthday? Did you manage to avoid the rain?

By the way, congrats on the new addition to your family!

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Many thanks for good wishes – real congratulations should go to the proud parents, who are besotted and exhausted (sounds about right!). But I’m more than happy to bathe in their reflected delight, as this baby is beautiful!

Congratulations @JoCarroll


Congratulations @JoCarroll

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Something to smile about Jo.

Essex UK

I have a brand new grand-neice, so today I shall be grinning and buying a baby present. Oh joy!!

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