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Sherry tasting in Jerez

Essex UK

Just been entertained by the German Tourist Board.


Potential buyer for my wife’s car coming today, getting a parking sensor repaired on my car and loads of paperwork to plough through …..


Mowed the lawn and tackled the weeds this morning. Got it all done before the rain started.

Travelling back from Southampton after a day and night on Silver Muse.


Been to Town Hall to requrest my Rates Bill, due end of this month, as they never bother to post it. Now comes in 3 parts. One in OH’s name (being the all important man) for the actual villa and garage, and then one each of our names for the land. Now you’d think the last two would be substantial as we have just under 2 hectares, roughly 4.75 acres, but no, it works out at .61 centimos each! Such is Spain!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

doing a similar thing later this week – with a just- diagnosed friend.


good luck @jocarroll – here’s hoping for a good visit.


I’m going to stay with my cousin with leukaemia (who is, miraculously, still alive) for a few days so her partner can have a break. (So no idea how much I’ll be around on here)

Been laying new decking all day…………

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