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Travelling to Oban for an overnight stay before boarding a small ship for 5 days around the isles and lochs of Western Scotland.


Back from Ibiza yesterday and so the unpacking and catch up begins today. Came back to some lovely roses in the garden, so a pretty homecoming yesterday evening.

Essex UK

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of going on hols to Iceland but not sure weather to go on a cruise or not.

your advice are greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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The dentist … and then lunch with an old friend, when I shall fill my mouth with sugary goo as a reward for managing the dentist!

Thanks @JoCarroll – they are all regular appts., but not all come at once before!
Barring anything unforseen, that should be it for the next 6 months.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

@JoCarroll Have been going to Yoga for 18 years, still not very good at it


Suddenly I have an image of @Fossil trying to stand on his head …



Oh @Cruzeroqueen1 – I do hope you are fit and well after all that! Such a tough week for you.

(Me – recovering – from a music festival! What fun – the little choir that I sing with did a spot on a small stage. And then we stayed to watch Chris Jagger, and danced like teenagers again. Couldn’t move yesterday but am mobile today. And worth every ache!)

Never mind just today, for me it’s hospital WEEK. Yesterday went to Hosp. pharmacy for nebuliser
meds. not available in local chemist. Then got long awaited phone call to go today back to hosp. for
a scan. Tomorrow it’s off to local health centre to give blood samples. Thurs. back to hosp. to see
Pulmonologist, and back again Fri. to see ENT. I should be in mint condition at the end of all this! :biggrin

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain
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