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Hello @TedKngt If you go to Egypt head for Hurghada or Marsa Alem, both enjoy beautiful weather all year round but unless you like it really hot 45/50c avoid July and August. Also from Hurghada you can do trips to Cairo and Luxor. Unfortunately Sinai is still off the tourist trail which is a pity as it has some really ancient sites.
Greece is fabulous, both mainland and in particular the islands. My personal favourite is Mykonos a small island that for me still has a lot of originality to it. Great weather between April and October.


@Fossil, have not seen this sooner, I apologise. Would love to go to Greece or Egypt.

Thank you @JoCarroll for the kind words. Certainly not into denying it happened. Thankfully there are plenty of people, including me, who are there to support her in this painful moment.

I’m sorry to hear that, @ubrus – these are hard times.

As a widow – what I wanted to hear was anything at all, just to know people were thinking of us. You will be clumsy, and that’s fine. There are not right words. Just don’t cross the street and pretend it’s not happening.

Mood is sombre today, lost a dear friend who is a few years older than me. Quite a loss at words with his widow and looking for recommendations on what is proper to say on here. Short and sincere is probably the way, but it is never easy.

Have fun Alan.

Looks like a gardening day and the chance to hack back the summer growth of some bushes before the Grandchildren arrive for their sleepover.

Essex UK

Travelling to Liverpool for the night before boarding Crown Princess for 6 days. Hope the weather holds as we are going round the top of Scotland


Having a day out with my Daughter. The plan is that we’ll do a Treasure Trail around Sible Hedingham and Finchingfield, then head for afternoon tea on a barge at Maldon.

Essex UK

Lounging in the sun shine round the pool.


So what destinations do you have in mind Ted @TedKngt There are so many to choose from.

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