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@applegroupie wrote:

Mum’s 91st birthday today!

Happy Birthday Mum

Having survived the week with the Grandchildren (them & us I suppose ) its off to the gym & then I may take advantage of the 22C predicted & wash the conservatory roof.

Essex UK

Mum’s 91st birthday today!

We are giving her a “bit of a do” to include immediate and extended family at a restaurant this evening.

The Grandchildren are in pre-school, supermarket shopping is done, now to decide which of the million jobs I have to do gets to the top of the list

Essex UK

Flying to Italy


Taking the Grandchildren to swimming lessons, soft play, lunch with Daddy (their Daddy). Exhausting day & I think its soon time for an bath & early bedtime……kids too

Essex UK

Riversiderouge wrote:

17:35 11-Oct-17

Well boys and girls I think we are beginning to get there in this never ending story of downsizing. Just to remind you we moved into our bungalow on 1st August. We have redecorated from end to end. We have re carpeted from end to end. We have sold off old pine bedroom furniture and bought brand new. We have ripped out the old fireplace and gas fire and replaced with a marble fireplace and electric fire. We have replaced all of the interior lights and curtains. All of our possessions have found a new space to live and the conservatory will be completed this weekend. A landscape gardener is about to start work on a few changes and that will make our new (and probably our last) home, complete. We have met most of our new neighbors, and we could not wish for better.

It has left us with just one problem. We are broke again! Never mind though. We are very happy with our new place!

So pleased everything had come together for you, @Riversiderouge – you’ll have lasting pleasure from that, as you wouldn’t with a ‘list of numbers’ in your bank account. And thanks for your good wishes.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

off to the studios later for my 3rd live TV show on Lanzarote.


@Riversiderouge wrote:

this never ending story of downsizing

You’ve been on a mission for sure, but its great you are happy.

Essex UK

JoCarroll wrote:

JoCarroll 17:29 09-Oct-17 #2871
You know how to party, @Barrowman!

Made up for it today Jo, went to our new multi-screen cinema this afternoon…….


I fall at your feet, @Riversiderouge. I moved at the same time, still haven’t sold the house, finances still interesting, still struggling to find workmen who answer their phones …

(But love my flat anyway)

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