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How's the weather where you are

Cloudy, light rain and wind increasing.


This morning is sunshine, slight cloud but a chilly 6c.


I enjoy seeing and hearing about signs of spring, but winter is not done with us here yet. Woke up to new snow this morning. Not a lot, about 4 inches. Will be getting colder today and down to about 2 F (-16) tonight. But it has been a mostly mild winter and March is not far off.

Indiana, USA

A couple of brief showers here today but mostly bright sunshine and chilly at 8.4c….


Third day of blue skies but with a little cloud today, chilly but better than rain or snow.


Blue skies, warm sun, early 20’s – wonderful!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

@PamWNorth wrote:

Sleet and gales in North Northumberland

Oh dear, I hope that goes away soon. I spotted a tree yesterday that had been split down its length 3 ways by the gales, never seen that before.

Essex UK

Sleet and gales in North Northumberland

North Northumberland

Breezy but again a clear blue sky. Lovely winters day with buds budding and blossom started to break through on the trees.


@GreyWolf wrote:

Was anyone else here affected by it all ?

We seemed to have fared pretty well in our town but the place I was walking around only the day before has been subject to a fair bit of flooding.

Essex UK
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