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How's the weather where you are

Warmed up, snow melting.


Bright and sunny and warm again after a bitterly cold couple of days.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Its snowing again!!!

Essex UK

Currently 1.2c here with a light dusting of snow accompanied by a blustery wind which makes it feel considerably colder out….


Overcast but quite bright but its hovering around zero so the light dusting of snow we’ve had may hang around a little. Only going to get to a high of 2C today, so a chilly one.

We’re quite a way inland here on the East but my thoughts are with the poor souls on the coast who are being evacuated from their homes because of predicted tidal surges.

Essex UK

Overcast today, currently 8.3c with a light drizzle and a light breeze…..


Just very dull this morning & a lowly 5C, may see a touch of snow later.

Essex UK

Plenty of sunshine today, which was nice, only 6C though.

Essex UK

Sunshine and cloud today, temperature up at 10.4c and windy with it….


A very pleasant day today in Durham. Pleasantly warm at 9 degrees. Unfortunately we have been warned of some nasty stuff from tomorrow until the weekend. Must remember to dig out the de-icer and put a shovel in the boot!

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