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JoCarroll wrote:

JoCarroll 07:51 22-Apr-17 #02
Apparently yesterday was National Tea Day – shucks, missed it.

Yes, I missed it too, never stopped me enjoying quite a few cups of my favourite tea though……


Apparently yesterday was National Tea Day – shucks, missed it.

It will be good to see MSC return to the UK and once more have a ship based here. They make refreshing change to some.


MSC Cruises have recently announced that for the first time they will deploy a ship out of Southampton for the whole summer season 2018 and to ensure that the British public feel at home whilst staying onboard, have committed to putting kettles in all cabins along with other enhancements to their products.

To celebrate this commitment MSC Cruises has opened a poll on their facebook and twitter pages to allow the British public to choose the brand of tea that MSC ships porting from Southampton will offer passengers.

In the meantime, looking forward to the inaugural of their latest ship, MSC Meraviglia, in June, to be christened by the legendary actress Sophia Loren. Full report and review to follow.

MSC Magnifica will add Tea, coffee and kettles in cabins during the 2018 summer season. They share their research & say:

“Today MSC Cruises, the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line, released new research into the UK’s holiday habits. Research shows that Brits are serious about their home comforts with over half admitting to packing their favourite items of food and drink when travelling abroad, and almost a quarter stating they wouldn’t go on holiday at all if their favourite items weren’t available.

Tea came out as the most likely item to pack in your suitcase with over a third admitting they won’t travel without their favourite blend, closely followed by coffee and cereal. Whilst the research, conducted on 2,300 UK adults clearly showed that there are certain things Brits need to feel comfortable when travelling, it also uncovered that they aren’t afraid of trying new things with almost half stating that the thing they look forward to most about going on holiday is trying new and different food, with a further 35% stating they love to embrace different cultures.

MSC Cruises are taking this feedback seriously and have announced that their ship MSC Magnifica, which will be deployed from Southampton next year for the summer season, will give guests the ‘best of both worlds’ by making some enhancements to the cruise product to cater to the needs of British and Irish guests."

Read more and vote for the make of tea you’d like to see on board at:


Essex UK

If you like strong tea like me then you might want to try Yorkshire Tea from Taylors in Harrogate. Rington’s is good, but a tad expensive.

I find that there is more tea dust than tea leaves in PG Tips and Tetley’s!

This should really be in competitions, but thought it might appeal to fellow tea faces, who are not necessarily compers. 21st April is national tea day in UK. To celebrate, PG Tips are offering lucky winners to choose a new flavour tea and join the tea tasting ceremony with a Master Blender on Kensington Rooftop Gardens 21st April this year. No purchase necessary:


More about the tea festival:


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Wakefield, West Yorks.

It’s quite an irony because their £1 a jar cheapo instant coffee is everywhere and just tastes vile in my opinion, whereas their tea is of a Rolls Royce standard.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I haven’t seen Lyons tea for years, perhaps not looking in the right places for it.

There used to be a Lyons tea shop in Luton where I spent some of my early growing up years, you could buy your tea and also sit down and have a cuppa while you were in there…Oh happy days….


This one’s my bestest ever favourite and is back on the shelves again I’m pleased to say. They’re also running a competition for anyone who has friends or family in the USA and is sending out free packets of tea to celebrate Thanksgiving. Go on their Facebook page to apply.

Wakefield, West Yorks.
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