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Did you know - Facts

The full name of the Dutch football team NAC Brenda is Nooit Oopgaven Altijd Doorgan Anngenaam door Vermaak en Nuttig Door Ontspanning Combinatie Breda.

Staff at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration were warned not to contradict President Trump’s unfounded claim that Alabama was under threat from hurricane Dorian
(The Washington Post)


Australia is planning a “Noah’s Ark” operation to move native fish out of the lower Darling River, which is facing ecological collapse
(The Guardian)


The Kebnekaise mountain has lost the title of highest peak in Sweden after rising temperatures shrank the glacier at its summit.


Language professors at the University of Belfast believe that the Leprachaun is in fact of Roman not Irish origin. The Latin Luperci believed to be the root of the original Lupracan in Medieval Irish literature. Whereas previously the word root was thought to be derived from the medieval Irish for small (lu) and body (corp). The Luperci on the other hand, was the High Priest of the Roman Lupercalia fertility festival where scantily clad youths would flay women with goat leather thongs.

One of the modern pioneers of recycling is surprisingly the Ford Motor company in Michigan. First bought by Henry Ford in the 1920s when it was still marshland. In 1999 under William Clay Ford Jr, “The Rouge” employed chemists, toxicologists and biologists to transform he potential of the delapidated brownfield site. Improving the interior of buildings for workers on the new disassembly line with more windows for sunlight, enriching soil and clean water habitats around the plant for birds, aquatic species and eco friendly children’s play areas. The site is monitored on every level from mushroom yields to earthworm counts per square metre. The site’s eco improvements seems to have a direct correlation with profitability, by one estimation saving the company around $35 million.

After extensive DNA sampling taken from the depths of Loch Ness, scientists have determined, in the absence of any dinosaur or ‘alien’ DNA, that the Loch Ness “monster” is in all likelihood, a giant eel.

Singing Whales

According to Ellen Garland from the University of St Andrews, we can tell where a humpback whale has travelled from the themes in its song. She and her team recorded 52 whales at locations across the south Pacific. They found three song types that were dominant in different regions, and the whales seemed to have picked up bits of songs from other whales along popular migratory routes.

The team broke down each song into units, like notes, that build together to make a phrase, and several phrases that repeat to form a theme. A few themes are sung in a set order to form a song. They found three song types from 52 whale singers. Song type 1 was dominant in the central Pacific, including the Cook Islands and French Polynesia. Song type 2 was most common in the west, including New Caledonia, Tonga and Niue. And song type 3 was only recorded in the waters near eastern Australia.


Millions of pounds in irreplaceable precious metals (including copper) are lost in the automotive industry when old car bodies are scrapped and smelted en masse.

One of the first recyclers was car mogul Henry Ford who exported truck chassis in wooden crates, crates which then formed the floorboards of the assembled trucks.

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