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USA uses 100 billion gallons of water to extract natural gas every year, yet it uses 34 trillion gallons of water to raise livestock.

It takes 660 gallons of water from farm to fast food outlet to make one quarter pound hamburger (the equivalent of two months showering).

2,500 gallons of water are required to make one ton of beef.

91% of Amazon forest destruction is accounted for by cattle grazing, at a rate of 1 acre ( a football pitch) per second, taking 23 months to fully raise a grass fed cow (whereas grain fed cattle only take 15 months), a third of the entire global land surface now reduced to desert owing to grazing. 26 million acres of rainforest have been cleared for Palm Oil plantations, yet 136 million acres for livestock. USA produces 116lbs of animal excrement every second, with cow flatulence creating 150 billion gallons of methane per day, 130 times more waste than the entire human population, with the average American eating 209lbs of meat per year.

A cow will devour 140-150 lbs of feed per day and drinking 30-40 gallons of water, all told around 20 tons of grain per week.

It takes 1,000 gallons of water to create 1 gallon of milk.
447 gallons of water to create half a dozen eggs.
900 gallons of water to create a pound of cheese.

Bovine consumption massively outweighs that of Homo Sapien , with humans drinking 5.2 billion gallons of water and eating 21 billion llbs of food per day. Cows on the other hand drink 45 billion gallons of water and 135 billion llbs of food daily.

It takes 110 llbs of grain to produce one pound of duck meat.

28 billion creatures are trawled from the oceans every year, for every pound of fish, five pounds of untargeted aquatic creatures are caught and left to die in a ship’s hold before being returned, known as by-kill, these can and often do include dolphins, whales, sea turtles and sharks, caught in drift nets, the last of which which are incidentally killed at a rate of 50 per year. With a global consumption of 110 million tons of fish per year, another factor is serial depletion killing, for example with supplies of cod becoming exhausted, this being replaced with Alaskan Pollock, likewise trawled to near extinction before another species is substituted. Marine biologists have already alerted the concern for many ‘dead ocean areas’ polluted by animal slurry and plastics which have little or no marine life in them, with a fishless oceans scenario projected for 2048 and a barren Amazon desert before 2030.

To date 1,100 eco activists have been killed in Brazil.

216,000 new human beings are born every day requiring 34,000 acres of new farmland to sustain them, based on the current western diet,
yet one sixth of an acre will sustain a vegan individual for a whole year, half an acre for a vegetarian, yet almost three acres to sustain a meat eater. One and half acres can produce 37,000 llbs of grain and vegetables, yet the same plot of land can only produce 375 llbs of meat.

Of global carbon emissions 13% comes from transportation fumes, but 51% from animal agriculture which uses 45% of all land on Earth.

A vegan diet creates only one half of the CO2 of a meat based diet, uses one eleventh of the fossil fuels, one thirteenth of water intake, and one eighteenth of land compared to a meat based diet.

An individual vegan is responsible for saving, every day:

11,000 gallons of water
45llbs of grain
30 square feet of rainforest
20llbs of CO2
1 animal’s life

Want to know more ? http://www.cowspiracy.com


Excellent news @ubrus
Since the technology is there, companies should use it ~ towards making the world a better place for all and more available for anyone who finds it less available.
To this end, companies should also (I believe) continue to provide, eg, timetables, rather than just saying “You can find it on the web/an app”. Not everyone has so-called “smart” phones!

American company Domino’s lost a legal case for breaching the Americans Disabilities Act because it did not put appropriate tags on images for its website. Mobile phones should be able to read these tags to help blind customers order online. Domino’s lacking this put “undue burden” on its disabled customers. (source)

Britons spend an annual £100 million on fireworks.

With a yearly £270 million spenton Halloween products, the UK pumpkin sector alone is worth £25 million a year.

In the USA Americans spend $5 Billion (£3 billion) on Halloween with an average equivalent outlay of $60 (£36) per head.

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In a recent UK survey of 2,000 people , three in five claimed to have had a supernatural experience, with 40% claiming their pets had too.

Over the past two years vegetarian takeaway sales have increased by 136%, Vegan takeaway sales 388%, with UK takeaways now accounting for 15% of all UK household food expenditure (up from 11% in 2015) spending around £38 per month (up 11% since 2015) on portable pre cooked comestibles.

Besides the now “traditional” UK Indian and Chinese takeaways, growth has been seen in UK takeaway cuisine from other parts of the world : Greek 69%, Caribbean 56%, Persian 34% and Thai 24%.

UK hosts 37,732 takeaway restaurants.

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This month marks the 50th birthday of the internet, the first message being sent by student programmer Charles Kline on 29th October 1969 to another Californian computer 500km away. In 2018 the internet user total passed the 3.9 billion milestone. By 2022 4.8 trillion gigabytes of data will pass between IP addresses, three times the amount of 2017. 27 million people in UK now have internet access alongside 84% of EU population. Highest internet access is in South Korea with 96% of population (21 million people), USA 88% (116 million people), Japan 85% (41 million people) lowest being sub Saharan Africa, only 25% of indigenous peoples.

By 2022, 28.5 billion devices are expected to be online (more than 3 devices per person on the planet) heralding I.O.T. (internet of things) covering virtually everything from kitchen appliances, home security, toys, to watches, vehicles, public transport and gardening equipment With developments also come drawbacks with 7.5 million cyber attacks in 2017. Digital advertising accounted for more than 85% of the $136.8 billion revenue for Google’s parent company, Alphabet in 2018. Internet bandwidths are ever increasing with USA at the top with 36,848 gigabits per second.

(New Scientist)

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Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic intends to offer outer space rides next year. Return tickets will cost £195,000 each.

The biggest global exporter of tinned peaches is Greece who trade in consignments of 50 million tins per shipping, of which one fifth of annual output (250,000 tons) go to USA.

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@ iwent wrote:

Which makes me wonder whether it derives any benefit from the moss.

Hi! I don’t know about any nutritional value…but the algae certainly work to the sloth’s advantage. The fur becomes home to both vegetation and insects. Entire colonies of moths may live in it, and algae and lichen grow abundantly – particularly in the rainy season- providing exceptional camouflage to blend in among the trees. Staying out of sight is the sloth’s best defense against its predators!

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