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Latest phone scams...

Jolly Spiffing Wheeze !

Wakefield, West Yorks.

For those that have never heard this before, it’s a great way to deal with cold callers.


Oh, dear, we’ve lived here for a year without any of the old phone calls, but someday soon our number will be being sold on…..

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Had a couple of these lately somebody claiming to be from BT both times with an incoherent Indian accent informing us that all nuisance calls have from now on been blocked (???) and yadda yadda yadda he then proceeded to make an utter nuisance of himself saying that he knew the broadband and phone weren’t working as well as they should…so it’s goodbye from me…

Also pre- recorded messages phoning me up talking at me about investment & financial this the new cold calling…you can’t even answer back ?

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Thanks for the tip, unusual for the number not to be withheld.

Essex UK

Just had one from The Public Information office saying they were not a company trying to sell anything but a public office¬! Was I aware that I had interest owing to me from either a loan, credit card or mortgage I took out before 2009 and why had I not claimed the interest back. When I asked what they were referring to they said they couldn’t tell me unless I provided them with information at which point I said I didn’t give out personal info on the phone, but I would like to know about them. Who they were, there full address, how they got my details and why they were ringing me, at which time they hung up. I actually thought it was the NHS ringing as I am waiting for an appointment and the number was similar. The guy on the phone had a Liverpool accent and was convincing. I googled the phone number and there are a lot of people complaining not only about similar phone calls from this number, but all kinds of scam numbers. The number is 08452861094, so if this number rings, its wise to ignore it.


We had someone ring up today saying they were from the liberal democrats and asking who I voted for in the last election and who I would vote for in the next election. I just said I wasnt prepared to tell them and put the phone down!


We receieved the debt cancellation pre recorded phone message today!


I keep getting a message on my ansaphone where a digitised voice reads me the letters "elloavcmops". Whats that all about?

Essex UK

Another new one – All I need to do is press 5 for an information pack on how I can legally write off 70% of my debts if they are over £10,000…..

I didn’t but does anyone know what is the idea behind this?

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