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What are you reading?

I’m reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer (also author of the Twilight series).

I haven’t read any of the Twilight series. Love story about teenage Vampires & Werewolves didn’t appeal, but my wife encouraged me to read this one as its a bit different. In short its about an alien race who invade planets using the indigenous species’ bodies as hosts for their consciousness. SciFi yes but not ray guns etc. It pivots around one of the Alien who cannot subsume the consciousness of the host human & begins to understand that there is more to humans than the violent beings that were ruining the planet. Probably about 3/4 of the way through at the moment & enjoying it.

Essex UK

Just an attempt at an oa ongoing thread this if it inspires others to contribute…

Me: "The Inheritors"[/b] by William Golding (The bloke who wrote "Lord of the Flies")

Rather like John Fowles, every book of Golding’s is entirely different in setting, style, theme and tone than the previous.

This one is set in the Stone Age and delivered in a very astute way with narrative description of how the hunter gatherer first begins to appreciate loss, taste, direction, sense, love hate, fear in manners unlike our own over civilised approach to communication and interaction, often drawing upon senses which we have long since lost.

Golding effectively places the reader in the mindset of early Homo Sapien. The opening chapter is absolutely gripping on a primeval level as we see Lok and Liku foraging in the undergrowth and enough to rekindle the hunter gatherer in all of us…

My only criticism so far is one simple word…Oa…What is an Oa ? I’ve looked in three dictionaries and it doesn’t exist and it matters because Liku is always carrying one…unless of course Billy Golding’s made it up. So it could be owt. But it’s one of those words you start repeating to yourself. Oa. Oa. Oa. Oa. Say it.

Wouldn’t be the first time of course, as we know, Jagger used the word Depolitesse [/i]in "Sympathy for the Devil"…this again does not exist but doesn’t harm, indeed enhances the song.

So what are you reading then ?

Wakefield, West Yorks.
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