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What are you reading?

Reading a book about "The Conquistadors" by Hammond Innes at the moment. I find that chapter in history highly engrossing…ol’ Cortez he was a right ol’….

Fascinated by Mexico as a country.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Just finished "Kill Me If You Can" by James Patterson & Marshall Karp. Good easy reading page turner with some nice little twists. Ideal for relaxing by the pool or other times when you don’t want a book to tax you too much but still be interesting.

Essex UK

Good old Merrie Citie…ever more new seams of good reads 3 for £1 in our charity shops:

The Container Expert by Dr. D.G.Hessayon A Place to Fear by G.M. Hague ( Alien abductions in Hickory) The Power & The Glory by Graham Greene
Wakefield, West Yorks.

Moving on to the 2nd book in the Peace & War Trilogy now

Just finished reading Forever Free, the 2nd book. Enjoyed that more than the 1st, with a real twist at the end.

Will read Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson & Marshall Karp next before reading the 3rd & final book of the Trilogy.

Essex UK

I’ve finished The Host now. Well worth reading.

Moving on to the 2nd book in the Peace & War Trilogy now.


Essex UK

Thank you all for all that…given I’m currently on a William Golding roll I’m now getting stuck into "An Egyptian Journal" – a non-fiction work of Golding’s own cruise along the Nile and the problems they encountered.

A little known travelogue alongside his main canon of work, "Egyptian Journal" is hailed as the ultimate anti-travel book as he chronicles the hilarious letdowns and conflicts amongst fellow travellers while dispelling many myths about the "Mythical Egyptian experience" and the often dubious "joys" of cruising…

Perhaps it should carry a Public Health Warning for some on here…

(Nicely illustrated though with photos for Egyptologists on here plus his own take on Egyptology)

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I’ve just finished "Along the Enchanted Way" by William Blacker which was recommended to me ny Debbie. I’ve written a separate review. It is a lovely novel about the fast vanishing rural way of life in Romania – in places it took me back to my childhood.


I’m stuck into the package of 3 Millie Johnson books which arrived last week…The Yorkshire Pudding Club was hilarious; A Spring Affair just as funny….I’ve saved the one about cruising on Azura till last-Here Come the Girls….She uses Barnsley as her background.
Because we’re packing to move, everything else will have to be on the Kindle….mainly Austin, E.F. Benson’s Mapp and Lucia, and Trollope, my standbys for waiting rooms etc…

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

I have just finished reading the 3 books everybody is talking about

I am now reading The best exotic marigold hotel, only a few chapters in, but it’s looking good.

Mexborough, South Yorkshire

I’m reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer (also author of the Twilight series).

I haven’t read any of the Twilight series. Love story about teenage Vampires & Werewolves didn’t appeal, but my wife encouraged me to read this one as its a bit different. In short its about an alien race who invade planets using the indigenous species’ bodies as hosts for their consciousness. SciFi yes but not ray guns etc. It pivots around one of the Alien who cannot subsume the consciousness of the host human & begins to understand that there is more to humans than the violent beings that were ruining the planet. Probably about 3/4 of the way through at the moment & enjoying it.

Essex UK
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