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Finished the Peace & War Trilogy, posted about this here:
Also finished the Hard Way by Lee Child, a Jack Reacher novel. Very enjoyable but not quite up to the "can’t put it down" standard of the rest I’ve read so far. Some gory descriptions too.

Essex UK

Would highly recommend Bury Lancs for a good charity shop jaunt…they’re all on the same street.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

James Patterson and his busy writers must be worth billions-he thinks up the story and they flesh it out. Ideal for the beach or when there’s no time, because of the short chapters and cliff hangers. I’ve several from charity shops, waiting for such times.
I’ve been lent the latest Penny Vicenzi, and as usual, I’m hooked after the 3rd page.

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

"The Murder of John Lennon" by Fenton Bresler… researched and written by a retired CIA official over an 8 year period this astonishing book delves deep into assassin’s Mark Chapman’s life and indicates something more than the mere cardboard cut out photo finish lone nut theory … rather that it was tailor made to look that way by his minders – ultimately the CIA who groomed him to do the deed, nearly all public records on Chapman are missing or unavailable.

Their target being a much listened to anti-war multi-millionaire protestor by the name of John Lennon upon whom the CIA have to date made available 217 documents they had kept on Lennon ( there are many more)
a thorn in the side to the then Reagan administration as Lennon was gaining popular support of the wrong kind.

Yes I know it sounds like conspiracy theory 956 but close reading of the book seems to reveal telling gaps in Chapman’s activity and as analysed by a CIA minded author who is of 75% certainty Lennon’s murder was a Black Op.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I saw that film with Sean Connery…can’t say I’m a Tom Clancy fan though, not really my clip of bullets. A tad too machoistic for me.

Did you know he made shedloads of money selling off the rights for the computer games industry to make the "Rainbow 6" games series (based on his books) ? Probably my favourite X-Box games. Very realistic ( one hit and you’re dead) needs a lot of forward strategic and tactical planning, kit & equipment options, room storming, terrorist whacking, and hostage saving. Chest shot. Head shot. He’s going down .If in doubt frag out etc. Corrrrrr !!! I became a veteran and still shake to this day. I play outside now.

…I do so deplore violence

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Just started the last in the Hunger Games series. The original book I found difficult to get into but once I had got the thread I couldn’t put it down. Once finished it will be followed by 2 of Tom Clancy books including The Hunt for Red October, a film I have seen twice but never read the book. All downloaded onto my Kobo and ready.


Reading a book about "The Conquistadors" by Hammond Innes at the moment. I find that chapter in history highly engrossing…ol’ Cortez he was a right ol’….

Fascinated by Mexico as a country.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Just finished "Kill Me If You Can" by James Patterson & Marshall Karp. Good easy reading page turner with some nice little twists. Ideal for relaxing by the pool or other times when you don’t want a book to tax you too much but still be interesting.

Essex UK

Good old Merrie Citie…ever more new seams of good reads 3 for £1 in our charity shops:

The Container Expert by Dr. D.G.Hessayon A Place to Fear by G.M. Hague ( Alien abductions in Hickory) The Power & The Glory by Graham Greene
Wakefield, West Yorks.

Moving on to the 2nd book in the Peace & War Trilogy now

Just finished reading Forever Free, the 2nd book. Enjoyed that more than the 1st, with a real twist at the end.

Will read Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson & Marshall Karp next before reading the 3rd & final book of the Trilogy.

Essex UK
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