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Ooooh now there’s a flashback ! I used to love reading Fay Weldon’s short stories ( Polaris comes to mind) . Good televisualisation of Diary of a She Devil as well.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I’ve just finished Faye Weldon’s "She May Not Leave"….it reads rather like an Aga Saga, but as always with FW, there’s twists to the story.
Now for my daft moment….I started the first chapter of Kate Morton’s "Secret Keeper" well after midnight last night. The description of the house was similar to mine, being alone down a country lane…and everything was sweetness and light.
Before the end of the first chapter there was a stranger and a murder….and a crash form outside my back door….
It was only the mop which I’d left propped outside, but the dog and I crept upstairs, not quite checking under the bed, but with a noisy wastebin balanced so it would fall with a crash!

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

"Unearthly Disclosure" (non fiction) by Timothy Good. An ‘ancient text’ as UFO circles go…published back in 2000, with a testimonial foreword by Admiral Hill-Norton ( retired commander of the Ark Royal and later of the entire Royal Navy) this book is a collection of eyewitness testimonies and leaked Govt. documents regarding Underwater phenomenon (USOs) as reported by members of the Royal Navy, fishermen, and members of the public, suggesting that there is a direct correlation between World Governments and their knowledge of Underwater Alien Bases. The book pays particular attention to bizarre occurrences in Puerto Rico including colour photographs of what appears to be a genuine alien being known locally as the Chupacabras and non terrestrial underwater craft as well as activities of Government Depts. regarding UFOs/USOs.

Sound too far fetched to be true ? The opening chapters are conveyed with such sober gravity and, supporting testimonies that this book is very hard to be taken lightly. Read it and see…

A handy book to have about for you nautical cruising types w__h__ilst on deck looking out over the vast expanse of all those unchartered ocean depths…

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Very very last word on Mountain of the Dead but don’t hold your hopes out for the forthcoming film : just seen the trailer on You Tube…seems to me like they’ve sensationalised it into something like the Blair Witch Project…( young kids go to rediscover the site etc. etc.)

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Last word on Mountain of the Dead I promise but last two chapters plunge you into deeper chasm of uncertainties with cliff hanger questions like :

Is there any connection with the Yuri Yakimov theory, a tenth member of the group who dropped out owing to illness, who had witnessed a phenomenon (verified by a separate witness) in the same area which he perceived as Plasma Light Balls ( a separate form or matter beyond that of liquid, solid or gas) ? (Yury Yakimov died shortly before publication of the book).

Besides local militia why were there so many high ranking Russian Generals involved in the area search for the missing ski tourists in this provincial backwoods during the very height of the cold war ?

Is there any connection with the early release in the same year from UK after 9 years from a 14 year espionage sentence, of Klaus Fuchs involved in the Manhattan Project to leave UK and resume his scientific career behind the Iron Curtain ?

Given there were no known living witnesses to the event, why was the military search investigation incepted from the highest level of Government long before the trip even was scheduled to finish and long before either families or the sponsoring University, or indeed anybody knew that anything had gone wrong ?

Why was the tent discovered 9 miles away from the proposed camping point, unless it had been deliberately moved and placed there ( and slashed) after the incident by a third party to make it look like the group had fled for their lives, when in fact they may all have been dead before they even left the tent at the original site ? Investigative teams suspecting the disaster site looked "stage managed".

Why did another member Shimon Davidenko who supposedly dropped out, change his story, breaking a silence of 36 years, claiming he was with the group during the incident and witnessed what happened, which was a lethal Soviet chemical missile attack upon escaped Gulag prisoners, causing prisoners and skiing group and to scream in agony and strip in response to the burning chemical used ? Yet in his account itself containing so many flaws his own plausibility/recollections are questionable ?

How much truth is there that one of the group number was a Government informant unbeknownst to the rest of the group, who was on a separate sub-mission involving Russian military ?

Why did one of the group record in the journal " We can now say ‘snowmen’ do actually exist" ?

A very re-readable and cross-referencable book, which reaches the possible conclusion of a military accident, botchedly covered up, or if not, an ongoing conspiracy of something much greater which many at the highest levels have gone to great pains to conceal to this day.

Wakefield, West Yorks.
The Crimson Petal and the White – by Michel Faber. It’s huge, and like Dickens but with sex. (So it’s wonderful!)

Just read a review of that one too…looks rather racey if I may say so, that poor girl being brought up in an English Victorian brothel…then going through a series of highly dubious men… Does she find her prince in the end ?

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I’m not too familiar with Penny Lively what’s her genre, her oeuvre, her modus operandii exactly ?

Just read a review of it…looks quite good ~ the painful trials of senectitude indeed.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Just started Penelope Lively’s "How it all began"…..I thought I’d read all her books, so thrilled to find this in the back of the Methodist hall!

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Sounds good.

The plot thickens on The Mountain of the Dead…the strewn and scattered bodies of the mutilated victims are hastily buried in Mikhailovsoe Cemetery after the autopsies. All press releases relating to the case censored or vetoed. The group’s Journal seemingly containing KGB erasures and amendments and possibility of missing pages. The lacerated tent (severely slashed from the inside in two places,) is confiscated by Russian authorities. It has never been seen since. A final photograph from the group’s film stills seems to show an indeterminate descending bright light approaching closely towards them from in front of the Moon.

Investigators into the case are bound by signed non-disclosure agreements, something which caused great unease amongst the investigative team. A pilot of a Yak 12 light aircraft involved in the search, voiced ominous concerns to his wife to take care of their child if anything happened to him. He died shortly after making this comment. In an interview in 2008 Vladimir Korotayev, an investigator on the case, said that he was told by superiors to keep quiet about various journal inconsistencies. Korotayev died on 11th July 2012.

…All requests (private or public) to see the Official Dyatlov Incident Case file
(reference : 3/2518-59) are denied to this day….

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I’m reading "The Senator’s Wife" by Sue Miller….haunting, with flashbacks to the happier days, and days of betrayal. The sort of book to pass on to friends.

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria
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