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The Tales of Beedle the Bard – JK Rowling. A book of short stories. Quite good.

Essex UK

"Bread" the story of Greggs by Ian Gregg.

Pop into any Greggs bakery and you’ll see this tome displayed on their counters for £5 detailing Greggs 1930’s humble beginnings as a man and wife team in Newcastle selling pies to miners, surviving two world wars via Stotty cakes, steak bakes, Parkin, Bridies, Pudsey bears and pasties and with shops on every corner. A name which has now become as coin of the realm as Wetherspoons. The nearest English equivalent to McDonald’s.

I still think their stuff tastes mass produced compared to local bakers, but they now seem to have achieved stack it high and sell it cheap status throughout UK.

There seems to be very much a new speight of Biz-lit on the market which sems to glorify business success stories and sets household names on library bookshelves. My own favourite is The History of Cigarettes by Alfred J Dunhill Esq. published shortly after WWI . Hardly politically correct in this day and age from labour methods to end product but a jolly spiffing read in a Mr. Cholmondley-Warner Boys’ Own tone, by a man who jolly well knew what he was puffing on about.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I know what you mean there. When I worked away all week I would take the Sunday Times & all its supplements with me. I’d get through a fair part of it before I got home on Friday, then off with the following weeks on Monday.

Essex UK

I’m hoping to finish last Saturday’s Times before next weekend……

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

10th Anniversary by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro. Another fine addition to the Women’s Murder Club series.

Essex UK

An investment of 25p purchased me a book from a charity shop the other day, not being a big book reader I felt the investment to be worthwhile as if I never finished it, it would be no great loss.

The book…..Golf Uncovered by Peter Alliss.

In Golf Uncovered Allis and Edd (the cartoonist) offer a unique brand of humour in this entertaining tour around the both relaxing and infuriating world of golf.

Allis and Edd break down the barriers and set the stiff upper lips quivering with amusement to bring the game within everyone’s reach, and as I have just started to learn to play this somewhat frustrating game
It seemed appropriate to buy it at the time……….I’m enjoying it too…


Operation Eichmann by Avi Aharoni


I was given some Amazon points for my birthday, so I’ve stocked up my Kindle with the Walpole "Herries" series, and also the full works of Nancy Mitford.
From the Book People, I’ve just bought India Knight’s 3 novels….I do enjoy her writing in the Sunday Times….and a Penny Vicenzi book of her short stories and newspaper articles.
Which to save for my June cruise????

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Just finished Alex Cross’s Trial by James Patterson. Really good read & a departure from the normal storyline for the Alex Cross series.

Essex UK
I’m reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer (also author of the Twilight series).

I haven’t read any of the Twilight series. Love story about teenage Vampires & Werewolves didn’t appeal, but my wife encouraged me to read this one as its a bit different. In short its about an alien race who invade planets using the indigenous species’ bodies as hosts for their consciousness. SciFi yes but not ray guns etc. It pivots around one of the Alien who cannot subsume the consciousness of the host human & begins to understand that there is more to humans than the violent beings that were ruining the planet. Probably about 3/4 of the way through at the moment & enjoying it.

Went to see The Host this afternoon, the film from the book. Pretty good & quite faithful to the book. Always interesting to see how someone else’s imagination compares with your own.

Essex UK
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