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Thank you for your first post @lisabeth and a warm welcome to the Forum.

I’ve just seen that the Man Booker Prize long list has been announced. Anyone read any books from the list?

Essex UK

I have just started reading Ship of Brides by Jojo Moyes. It is addictive. I have read most of her other ones and have not been disappointed!


Just finished James Patterson’s “Torn Apart” – totally different from his usual genre. It’s a fascinating insight into the life of a young boy with Tourettes Syndrome.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

More Books ! Our local Scope charity does a two for one offer on books. For £2 yesterday I hauled back easily what amounted to £40 quidsworth of books in the the shape of two volumes:

Charlton Heston – An actor’s life journals 1949-1976. Bit like Hemingway as you’d expect – a “man’s man” . Short. Blunt. Epigrammatic. To the point.
Tad machoistic. Covers almost everything he did from Ten Commandments to Planet of the Apes & Omega Man.

Hugh Fearnley Whitingstall – “MEAT” – you need two arms to carry this book. Ginormous compendium of every aspect of meat rearing, cooking and
preparation, presentation there is. Lavishly illustrated with mouthwatering colour photos of every cut of meat imaginable.
Beef. Pork. Lamb. Poultry. Game. It’s all in there. Hearty farmer recipes and a fascinating impassioned narrative
on the pros and cons of old fashioned and modern day farming methods ( HFW is an outspoken enemy of
supermarket vac pack ) You don’t read this book. You salivate over it it . (apologies to vegetarians everywhere).
(cost £25 new !). Now what’s for my dinner…

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Picked up a veritable book bag in Scarborough for a matter of pence :

Priestley – Biography by Judith Cook (one of the pacier ones of the many books written about him – would recommend this one as an insightful overview to anyone new to the JBP institution ( read this in the Java Lounge piano bar of the Scraborough Grand Hotel, you know )

The History of Mr Wells ( biography of sci-fi writer HG Wells) by ( ex Labour Leader) Michael Foot. I think Michael Foot was a much underrated investigative journailst than he was a politician. Vibrantly written

Kidder’s Receipts. by Edward Kidder – an 18th Century Cook Book reprinted in the original calligraphy and lavishly illustrated with 17th Century Dutch & Flemish still life foodie paintings. An apt male companion volume for Mrs Beetonites. Trout pie, Orange pudding, Bombarded veal, pigeons in Comporte,
whipped syllabub, orange butter, Eel & Oyster pie, plum potage just a few examples of the sumptious fayre on offer… (I simply must pass this one on to the servants…)

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Oh, I’ve so many books on the go, including an Elizabeth Buchan started on the cruise and unfinished; ditto Lillian Beckwith’s Hebridean books. I’ve just started a new book (paper, this time) by Alan Hollinghurst, called The Stranger’s Child. The first chapter didn’t grip, but the second has begun to….

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Likewise really enjoy JP & the Reacher books. Did you know that Scott Blade has started a series about Jack Reacher’s Son?

Essex UK

Love all James Patterson books. Currently reading Lee Child’s ‘Bad Luck and Trouble’ – another Jack Reacher adventure
(6’5", 220 lb……..Tom Cruise????

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

George Orwell Diaries (1931-1949).( Penguin 1998). Just picked this up and found it quite unputdownable. Not really into diaries but this one isn quite an eccentric lucky bag from the deep and meaningful to the bland and boring ( including detailed descriptions of the various states or Orwell’s breakfast egg and his cooking and gardening top tips and animal husbandry). Counterpointed with pre war reports of Oswald Moseley’s rise to fame, a travelogue which takes you through industrial England and the turbulent streets of air raided London and the unfoldfing horrors of WWII via the Bay of Biscay, Gibraltar, Morrocco, Casablanca, Cornwall and Marrakech. Provides a fresh insight into Orwell’s major works as impassioned social commentator.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I’ll learn how to quote someday….I hope you’ll enjoy the book, Jo….my copy went to a young student who’s struggling with her finances!

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria
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