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“Early Asimov” volumes 1-3 . These short story collections were written just before World War two, the majority rejected by the magazines to which they were submitted by the aspiring, later world leading Sci-Fi author Isaac Asimov (author of “I , Robot”). Unlike many other authors in the genre Asimov actually held a science degree and half knew what he was fictionalising about.

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

Zoo by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge. The flyer says “All over the world, brutal attacks are crippling entire cities. Jackson Oz, a young biologist, watches the escalating events with an increasing sense of dread. When he witnesses a coordinated lion ambush in Africa, the enormity of the violence to come becomes terrifyingly clear.”

Pretty good read and an interesting concept. I wanted to read this before I watched the TV adaptation running on Sky 1 now.

Essex UK

Don’t know much about Phyllis. I went through a West Riding reading phase : Barstow, Bennett, Braine,
Bazza Hines (Kes) , Teddy Hughes, and of course, dear, dear JB Priestley (…name drop, namedrop, namedrop and am actually acquainted with two of Stan Barstow’s grandnieces who dwelleth in the Merrie citie and take libation in the Wetherspoons…name drop….

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I found the autobiography of Phyllis Bentley in a charity shop. I read so many of her novels in the ’40s and ’50s, but had forgotten about her until I saw this book. She wrote gritty stories about the West Riding before other novelists began telling it as it was…pre- writer for John Brain and many more writers of the ’60s.

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Lee Child, “Worth Dying for” – another great Jack Reacher story.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Hee hee !! There is actually a book called Grey Wolf – The Case for the Escape of Adolph Hitler (non fiction)
which I’d recommend to everyone who enjoys a real life conspiracy whodunnit. Puts forward some very convincing argtaht Adolp Hitle well have escaped to Argentina in 1945 with Nazi looted gold , living there until 1962 where he dies of a heart attack.
As far fetched as it sounds there’s plenty of eye witness testimonies and corroborative evidence with facsimile documents supom the office of Edgar Hoover. The book is now a film and has its own website:

Wakefield, West Yorks.

You need to have a hunt round those charity shops GW. Makes a good title actually. “Grey Wolf – The Hunt for Booker”.

Essex UK

…oh and latest NEXUS magazine just out…absolutely corking issue this one : ET and Intraterrestrials in Islam, Smart Cities surveillance and predictive policing, Chemtrails, Exposing the Pharamceutical Deception, the 4th physical property phase of water, Secret Space Programmes, Chemical discoveries in Giza Pyramids…you want the TRUTH ? It’s all in here…have a look:

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Can safely say I haven’t read a single one of those Drat ! There goes my literati street cred. Currently reading “Spilling the Beans on Albert Einstein” by Fran Pickering. A title in the latest series of ‘idiot guides’ cartoon illustrated ( bit like the Horrible Histories series), very informative, entertaining and fun fact packed.

Also reading a prose novel called “The Time Traveller’s Wife” by graphic novelist Audrey Niffernegger.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Thank you for your first post @lisabeth and a warm welcome to the Forum.

I’ve just seen that the Man Booker Prize long list has been announced. Anyone read any books from the list?

Essex UK
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