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@Hardyplant wrote:

Step by Step by Simon Reeve

One on my “to read” list, glad you enjoyed it.

Essex UK

Have just finished reading Step by Step by Simon Reeve, which I really enjoyed, and have just started Agent Running in the Field by John Le Carre and after 2 chapters I think it’ll be good. However, I mostly read non-fiction and my favourite books are by Nicholas Crane – especially good are Clear Waters Rising (where he walks along the mountains from Cape Finisterre to Istanbul) and Two Degrees West (in which he walks along the meridian from Berwick to the Dorset coast). Bill Bryson books are easy to read more than once over the years and all of Eric Newby’s books are a `good read`, as are lots of Gerald Durrell’s (though he did churn them out over the years).

Peter May the man with no face . written in the late 70s but topic related to EU and UK election So still relevant


coolonespa wrote:

07:46 09-Dec-19

Private Berlin by James Patterson & Mark T Sullivan.

The 5th in this series moves to Germany and is another action packed thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Me, too, Steve – in fact, I haven’t found a James Patterson novel I haven’t enjoyed! I also like all Jonathan Kellerman’s.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Private Berlin by James Patterson & Mark T Sullivan.

The 5th in this series moves to Germany and is another action packed thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Essex UK

GreyWolf wrote:

Wakey Cathedral – bring & buy cafe second hand cafe bookshop – all genres – Stephen King and Dennis Wheatley (apologies for slight misquote)

The more you tell us about The Merrie Citie, the more I know I shall have to visit one day soon. And if those Wheatley books haven’t all been snatched up by then (or some have returned for a second or third circuit) I shall be searching out some old favourites.

@iwent . Here’s a funny old anecdote…since Wakey Cathedral, got revamped (pun intended) their bring & buy cafe second hand cafe bookshop in Treacy Hall displays titles from all genres, donated by the flock, to raise money for good causes…amongst them Stephen King and Dennis Wheatley. So you see God’s hand is in everything…including Dennis Wheatley.

Tony Peake’s new Christmas offering "The Hidden Universe ~ An Investigation into Non-Human intelligence) (non fiction 207 pages) is my Xmas gift to myself, though I will probably have read it all over the next 48 hours. In the latest work, Tony Peake attempts to explain the true nature of encounters with ET, UFOs, hobgoblins, gods, angels, demons, poltergeists and ghosts, his feet firmly planted in the scientific evidential and case studies with recent developments in neuro science, drawing from prehistory, belief systems, collective consciousness and brain chemistry, but without any sensationalism. There are now more books on the market about the subject of UFOs and ET than ever before, since it lost its fringe status of yesteryear and scientists now sit up and take note of what they are not yet fully equipped to explain yet can no longer simply ignore. If it’s anything like Peake’s other groundbreaking work if promises to shed a new light on this one subject upon which nobody can claim to be an expert.


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New NEXUS magazine just out for Xmas , a perfect stocking filler for any enquiring mind. In this issue:: climate activism, ancient underground Turkish cities, Parkinson’s disease, Acid Indigestion, calamitous Astrological warnings for January, Media & terrorism & more…


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Wakefield, West Yorks.

Pete Townshend played guitar for “The Who”, he also had a collection of short stories “The Horse’s Neck” published by Faber & Faber , quite an accomplished , complex and well crafted collection of portraits of life gleaned from personal experience, displaying a genuine talent with even “The Times” claiming “He is a far better writer than John Lennon ever was.” Townshend has also had poetry published and still links up with Roger Daltrey for the now ageing “The Who” reunion gigs. A patchwork quilt from the voice of a ‘rebel’ generation long gone from a now pensioner perspective.

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