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What are you reading?

@coolonespa That’s an interesting question as I’ve never been asked about my reading habits, which are rather narrow. I mostly read non-fiction plus fictional titles based on historical events, as well as the occasional pure fiction action title. I tend to buy non-fiction in hardback, particularly where maps and photos are an important part of the content. I have found maps in Kindle books to be invariably useless and photos marginally less so. I have two hardbacks on pre-order from military historians James Holland and Rowland White to join others on my bookshelf. I also have a large collection of what might be termed ‘hobbyist’ books covering various transport interests, though this part of my collection is largely static with few additions in recent years. The most recent Kindle title that I have (re-)read was the omnibus edition of James Barrington’s Paul Richter series – an excellent collection of special operations/ secret service-type stories, loosely related to real world events. I also have an eclectic selection of autobiographies on my Kindle, the most recently read being that of DJ Jonnie Walker.

@northernblue wrote:

a handful of collections

Would you mind sharing with us what books you are collecting?

@Cruzeroqueen1 wrote:

if it is an author whom I like to ‘collect’ I will keep it

As a matter of interest fo you keep it for nostalgia purposes or will you eventually re-read it?

@Grey-Wolf wrote:

seems to offer no real solution

A product of our time. We have no end of platforms where folk can criticise others but few offer a visible alternative. I understand a labour MP got savaged on GMB a few mornings ago for going on to criticise the government for this & that but when challengedas to what she would do, was clueless.

Essex UK

Currently reading “The Answer” the latest (non fiction) book by David Icke, came out last week, 640 pages, colour plates, banned in WH Smiths & Waterstones, grand expose of the power cabal up to and including living world leaders, 5G, artificial intelligence and with additional end chapters on Covid -19 as most of the book was written before the pandemic. My chief criticism of Icke is that he seems to offer no real solution to the world horrors and atrocities endured by humanity in his final chapters. With a title like this, maybe this book is the exception, I’ll let you know when I’ve finished it.

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

I prefer a real book any time. I get most of mine from our local animal sanctuary charity shop, and
if it is an author whom I like to ‘collect’ I will keep it, and all the others are returned there.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I alternate reading between my kindle and physical books. Most new titles I buy in kindle form, except for additions to a handful of collections that I have built up over many years There is a special satisfaction in browsing a physical book but I fully appreciate the benefits of electronic media.

I switched to a Kindle year ago & have never looked back. I bought a decent leather case for it, so I could hold and open it like a book. Somehow that made all the difference in my head. You need to grab a teenager to set it up for you.

Essex UK

I love reading and usually get most of my books from the library which I am really missing with the local libraries still being closed. I wonder if they could be re-opened having you sanitise your hands before browsing the books as most of the libraries do not need alot of social distancing as most of the times when I have gone to one there are less people there that I can count on one hand. I do still buy the odd books which I have done lately from the supermarket or garden centres where there has been no problem buying them. I was given a kindle which I wish I knew how to use but I need somebody to help me set it up as I am not very computer literate. It would be great for me to download books as I read different subjects and a kindle is great for when going away instead of carrying a load of printed books which I still really prefer to read.

Thanks for the update @Grey-Wolf I’ll have to give the site a try.

Essex UK

@coolonespa no, just download straight to laptop, of all the free e book sites I’ve trawled, this is the first one I’ve come across which actually downloads books successfully in minutes and does not demand your bank details. Also a lot of their gear is hard to find out of print titles too,
barring the musty smell it’s like carrying an entire second hand book shop in your device !

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Thanks @GreyWolf

Have you been reading these books on a Kindle? Just interested to see if you’ve found out if that works OK.

Essex UK
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