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Re. book swapping site…..Many thanks for this!


Grey-Wolf wrote:

what do you think about Ascensionism as an antonym to declinism…sort of nostalgia for an age yet to come. Who knows, it may be in the OED this time next year ?

…Sorry, doesn’t do it for me…Religious feel to it?
By all means though, put it out there and …yes…who knows..?

Want to swap a book you’ve read for one you haven’t ? Maybe pass on a book you’ll never read again or have never read at all to someone who will ?

Site here proclaiming to be UK’s largest free book swap shop, listing over 220,000 titles across all genres, fiction and non fiction. Free to join and free to use:


@GeminiJen what do you think about Ascensionism as an antonym to declinism…sort of nostalgia for an age yet to come. Who knows, it may be in the OED this time next year ?

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Thanks for the tip. New to me too.
Looks interesting.
Have signed up for its free email newsletter.


“Slightly Foxed” is a publishing term for second hand books meaning the pages are showing signs of a mottled, brown spotty appearance and is also the name of a bookish quarterly magazine…

The other day, from a charity shop, I picked up a job lot (40 issues) of this (to me) previously unknown literary quarterly for a paltry matter of 20p a copy. What began as an idle browse has now become an obsessive unputdownable study, around 15 articles per issue, all by different writers upon many lesser known books and authors across all genres of yesteryear (hence the title). I would highly recommend this eccentric, quirky periodical which simply exudes the love of yesterday’s books, promoting itself as not so much a literary quarterly but a well read companion. A delight for the discerning bookworm as to what to read next. Their website also includes pod casts of readers discussing books and their authors:


Audio/Digital versions for impaired eyesight readers:


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National Book Tokens running a free to enter Valentine’s competition and other competitions including books, chocolates and champagne:


New NEXUS magazine, click link to find article themes:


@GeminiJen, not sure if this is appropriate on this thread as it’s a rock vid, but the late David Bowie in one of his last videos delivered this very acid attack on the whole notion of Valentine’s day. Filmed in a sparse, flooded, dank cellar, a haggard looking Bowie makes a lyrical assault on the artificiality of Valentine’s Day. As usual with a Bowie video there is a good deal of embedding in this as he “weaponises” his lunge guitar in mannerisms similar to Charlton Heston holding aloft his rifle for the NRA, Cupid somehow becomes a gargoyle in his sardonic attack on the celebrity commercialism Garfield Cat/Purple Ronnie mentality of this loveless artificial American institution:

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

Very excited about this new release just out, after some considerable period of literary silence Whit Strieber has a new one out brining to together the culmination of his past encounters and what it means for the rest of the world and scientific understanding in general. “A New World” draws upon most recent footage of UFOs by military pilots and encounters experienced by those today. The question as to whether UFOs and ET are here is no longer the question…but why , alongside 70 years or so of classified concealment by governments around the world.

For those not familiar with this author, in 1987 an enigmatic image of an alien emblazoned hoardings all over the country, The advertising campaign for Strieber’s first non fiction book “Communion” which examines his own alleged encounters with ET. See link:


The image was to stay in the psyche of many, bringing to the forefront a subject rarely discussed outside fringe circles and an avalanche of readers many of whom had similar experiences to share. The book has since been made into a film starring Christopher Walken as Strieber.

He continued writing, producing several sequels “Confirmation”, “Breakthrough” and a even a prequel about his childhood encounters.

His much improved website offers a platform for those with an interest in ET, UFOlogy and other aspects of paranormalia often with a connection to the global eco crisis. The new book is discussed on the header page of his website, link below:


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