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Is Mother's day becomes too commercialised?

I don’t think Mother’s Day is becoming commercialized, I think it always was! Horrible horrible horrible. As you’ve all said, ’Mother’s Day’ should be every day. It has come to something when you have to buy a padded card depicting teddy bear holding a daisy to show your mum you care. Also, here comes Father’s Day!!! So, picture of a boat with someone fishing, or a fast car, or a funny(???) one of a drunk slumped in a deckchair. Nope. Not for me.


Today is Mother’s Day in the USA, so happy Mother’s Day to any US based mothers on the forum.

Essex UK

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers on the forum.

Commercialised or not. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mum’s out there.

And not to forget the Grand mums, Happy Grandmums day to all of you too…

I suspect there must be a Grandmothers day as there seems to be a day for everything else…


Commercialised or not. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mum’s out there.

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Essex UK

Just visited my local Co-op store and was quite taken aback by the abundance of flowers displayed outside ready for Sunday – priced between £3 & £25 and all looking absolutely dazzling in the sunshine. They looked so good I was almost tempted to buy a bunch for the wife, somehow I managed to resist the temptation…..

Jo a nun – whatever next, we will have to be careful with our ‘Pictorial Humour’ thread….


Yes, we make a big fuss about Mothering Sunday, because it’s a big day for the church. It was always about Mother Church, but was adopted as for all mothering figures many years ago, and even 60+ years back I remember the tiny posies given out on a Sunday morning, to be handed to the one who mothered you.
It’s also Refreshment Sunday, the middle day of Lent. In the distant days when I was a nun, this was the day when a simnel cake was given to Reverend Mother, and there were lots of sweets, plus chocolate biscuits….such a change from the salty porridge and soup with dumplings…
I’ve opened my garden to anyone who needs daffodils, though you must bring your own wellies….All are welcome as there’s hundreds, but some are in the stickiest positions!

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Spot on David.

Essex UK

Well said Barrowman. I agreed with everyone. We should treasure our mums everyday.

If my mother was back on this earth Mothers Day would be every day, while they are here we take them for granted, yes we all do it at some stage – but you only ever get one mother, so show them how much we love them every day of the year as I’m sure we all do…….God bless all our mothers wherever they may be….And yes it has become to commercial….

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